Monday, September 06, 2010

DATMO - Round 8 Updates!

Pic left : Interesting battle on table 1 between GM Gupta and GM Zhou, you can catch the game live at
Pic right : On the right is Bakliwal Gaurav, on the left is Uehara Shinpei (JPN), next to him is Nabil (MAS)

Pic left : Nguyen Anh Dung seems to be at the average play in this year DATMO edition. But somehow he managed to climb back up, and on Table 4 he is up against the sensation Guo Qi (CHN)

Pic left : Fong Mi Yen vs Masruri Rahman (another promising Indonesia junior player)
Pic right : This cute shubby, is also another promising junior from Indonesia - Azarya Jodi Setyaki. Next to him is Malaysian - Elgin Lee Kah Meng.

Updates! Ian Udani had juz join the "club" when he beat GM Laxman in 30 moves! And he is the first to submit his result for round 8!

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