Monday, September 06, 2010

Seniors - Round 6 Updates!

Ronal Gross in deep thought. Once upon a time he was a good friend to Bobby Fischer.

In this category, the prizes is WHOA!! a lot compared to Ambank. Imagine this, top 5 will be given prizes with champ will receive RM4000 + challenge trophy (Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng), Malaysian best will receive RM500. Not to mention the prizes for Seniors aged 65 - 75 and aged 75 above, will receive a top 3 prizes (the best will receive RM2000). And there are only 16 players taking part!

In this category, GM Dimitry Kayumov from Russia is all set to become the champion, leading with 1 point above the nearest rival, IM Tan Lian Ann (SIN), Ronald Gross (USA) and Brian Jones (AUS).

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