Sunday, September 05, 2010

Merdeka Age Group 2010

The scene of the Hall full with kids

My students - Khirrannya (left) and Kuhan (right). Having fun guys?

My 7 year old student - Nurfarahin. This is her first try in a chess competition.

Today is the rest day for the Seniors Open, Ambank Challenge and DATMO. Therefore, one event for the juniors is taking place here. It is called Merdeka Age Group 2010. The age group contested are U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16. There are about 234 players taking part! Imagine us and a bunch of kids in the hall!! Hectic!

The under age kids (U8 and U10) there are cute when they play (they talk, they whisper, and they even sing during play), but they are the hardest to handle. Maybe because they are too many!

While U12, U14 and U16, these are regular chess players that have been in any chess tourney before, therefore they are a lot easy.

In overall, thanks to the parents, teachers, coaches that make all this possible! Thank you for supporting the Tournament!

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