Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kuantan Players at National Closed 2009

Pic left : In the final round Mohd Khair was paired against Tan Ken Wei, he won the game and was placed no 7th overall with 6 points from 9 games (initial seeding no 22), he lost to Lim Zhuo Ren, Nm Edward Lee, and Abel Yap.
Pic right : In the yellow shirt, Sharif Mohd Zaki was placed 43rd (initially seeding 50), taking home 3.5 points from 9 games in his frist NC debut. Though 3.5 points is a good enough as a start, but I still believe that Sharif can do a lot better.

Pic left : Asman Aminullah, also making his first debut in the NC, took home 3.5 points from 9 rounds and was placed 46th (initial seeding no 52).
Pic right : Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman age 10 years old, though she did not bring home any points, but I do believe she had the potential to do great, given proper training now for 2 years she will bring the challenge for the next NCW! She lost all to her seniors in the event, Pahang MSSM U-15 champ, the MSSM KL U-15 champs, MSSM U-18 Champs, and all others that are regular to chess competition. Many chess enthusiasist saw the potential and she was praised for playing hard to beat lass! Mr Collin even gave her Kids For Chess chess book as a gift with the words written - "the future champs". Thanks Collin!

This happy girl - Nur Farhana Atiqah scored 3 points from her 9 rounds games also in her first debut in the NCW. She took well the advises given during the games, but still she needs a lot of hard work if she were to compete again next year! next stop Farhana, GACC chess championship!

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