Monday, June 01, 2009

National Closed 2009 - Round 3 pictures

Round 3, Khair is doing great by beating Kamaludin Yusof, so he is 3/3, Sumant is behind with 2/3, Sharif with 1.5/3, while Asman 1/3. In NCW 2009, Sarika with 2/3, Farhana with 1/3, while Nur Sabrina is yet to score point.

pic left : Farhana against Latifah Kaisyah playing in the Office room. They were shift to play in the room because of the shining morning light from the sun affect their vision on the board.
pic right : the scene of the NC 2009

pic left : the scene of the top table of NC 2009
pic right : the scene of NCW 2009.

pic left : Khair against Kamaludin.
pic right : Saprin against Lim Zhuo Ren, while in the Orange shirt is Kamaludin

pic left : Abdullah Che Hassan vs Evan Capel, both agree for a draw.
pic right : Asman on the left finally won his first game.

pic left : Sharif won in this game.
pic right : Sumant in action.

pic left : An upset in the third round, KK Chan won against NM Edward Lee
pic right : Saprin against Lim Zhuo Ren, honestly I dont understand why Saprin makes so many sacrifices the game, and later lost to Zhuo Ren.

pic left : Sabrina against Vicki Hong
pic right : Tan Li Ting drew against Nabila, all the 3 boards drew their games.

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