Tuesday, June 02, 2009

National Closed - Round 7

Round 6 results :
Mohd Khair lost his game again, and this time it is Abel Yap. It is the end of journey for the NM title, but definitely not over yet for at least improving his spot and his future FIDE rating.
Sumant won against Ismail Ahamd, he is now with 4.5/6.
Sharif Zaki lost to Subramaniam Sivanesan, he is now with 1.5/6.
Asman lost to Razali Hamzah, he is now with 2/6.

Next round, NM Edward Lee will face Mohd Khair, while Mohd Saprin is up against Sumant, Sharif vs Ahmad Faisal and Asman against Shreyes Subramaniam.

It seems that our future NM 2009 shall belongs to Lim Zhuo Ren, so far up to 6 rounds he is still unbeaten after he is 6th round won against Abdullah Che Hassan. He is looking good to take the title if he won this 7th round against Evan Capel. If he is the next NM, he is taking the title at the age of 17 years old. Evan and Abel Yap are behind him with 5 points, while Jax Tham, Saprin, Sumant, and Tan Ken Wei are following closely with 4.5 points.

In the National Closed (W), in round 6, Sarika won against Nur Najiha, While Farhana won against Nur Sabrina. In the next round, Sarika is up against Renitha Narayanan, Chew Eewen vs Farhana, and Nur Munirah vs Nur Sabrina.

Tan Li Ting the 9 years old from KL is looking good to win the NWM title this year, since she is up the front unbeaten with 5.5/6, standing alone as the sole leader, the deciding game will be the result between her and last year NWM Alia Anin from Melaka with 4 points also unbeaten. Renitha on 2nd spot at the moment with 4.5 points, while Sarika, Amira and Winnie followed closely with 4 points.

This year National Closed saw an unpredictable result in both Section! But as usual, only the one that fit during the entire gruelling hours of playing will survive at the end!

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