Monday, June 01, 2009

National Closed 2009 - Round 1 Pictures

I was at the National Closed 2009 when the first round started. Even though I am not playing but I can feel the tension spread through out the DAT Chess Centre. Most of the players playing this year are all with high hopes and intention to gain something in event.

Some playing for the glory and the title of National Master (NM) or National Woman Master (NWM), some playing to gain more experiences in a rated event, some with dreams to get their first FIDE rated, some trying to improve the standings in this National event. But whatever the reasons or whatever the level most of the players are, one thing for sure, they are all fighting hard by playing the best they can!

I managed to get some pictures in round one. If readers wish to get full results or wants to know the names of every individual players, Mr GilaChess is doing the coverage of the events at his GilaChess Blog (you'll find it at link on the right side of this blog).

Pic left : Latifah Syamimi in the 1st round, she was the runner-up last year.
Pic right : left - Amira Syamina (SEL) in action while next to her is Nur Farhana Atiqah representing Pahang.

Pic left : who would have thought, defending champion NWM Alia is coming to defend her title.
Pic right : the little kids in action, right - Nithayalaksmi from NS whom is 7 years old, cause an upset by securing a draw against NWM Alia, while next to her is NJWM Nur Nabila also fighting for her first title.

Pic left : Tan Li Ting against Olivia Madhavan
Pic right : MSSM U-18 champ from Perak Nur Munirah. What will her result be in the National Closed? Can she be among the top?

Pic left : right - Sarika representing Pahang, while next to her is Wong Lai Meng - Olivia's mother. The mother daughter entry in this NCW is definitely intersting!
Pic right : Nur Sabrina Aliya representing Pahang, playing in her first FIDE rated event, though she has yet to score a point, but she has learned a lot from the seniors!

pic left : Haslindah Ruslan aiming at her first FIDE Rating!
pic right : she is playing against Wong Lai Meng

pic left : the girls in action!
pic right : the top seed is preparing to start their first round

pic left : All three Pahang players residing in Kuantan - Asman, Khair and Sharif sitting side by side in their first round.
pic right : En Ibrahim Bakar making his opening speech at the NC 2009

pic left : the guy with the grey hair is Chan Kwai Keong, also known as KK Chan, he is a Malaysian but was once resides in Hong Kong. First time I saw this guy was way back in 1990 in Olympiad at Novi Sad. He was and still friendly person.. nice to see him again!
pic right : Jax Than is here in action!

pic left : NM Edward Lee is back to defend the title he won last year. Next to him is Ismail Ahmad also aiming at the same title.
pic right : Abdullah Che Hassan against Razali Hamzah, while next to Razali is Fadli Zakaria.

First seeded having fun in the first round, eh? Saprin Sabri and Kamaludin Yusof

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