Monday, June 01, 2009

National Closed 2009 - round 5

I am here in Kuantan while the players are at the National Closed event, once again my heart is not at the office, and yet I have an urgent task to complete so that I can take leave to watch the final rounds of National Closed 2009.

Just got a call from Khair, informing me he lost to Zhuo Ren, I know it was an upsetting moment for him right now, coz he lost so easily, wrong opening choice I think! But still there is hope....

All the best to the players!

updates of round 5 :
Mohd Khair - 4/5
Sumant - 3.5/5
Asman - 2/5
Sharif - 1.5/5

Sarika - 3/5
Farhana - 1/5
Sabrina - 0/5

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