Monday, June 01, 2009

National Closed 2009

I missed to take pictures during round 2. That was because I was having a friendly match with Dato' Tan Chin Nam. I never had the chance to meet him face to face, well that was the first time. I should have taken picture la.. We played 2 games using both different colours. And well I won all the games. He is not a bad player himself too, and he caught me with surprised with the moves that he made, and I actually won because of Dato' old age. If he is about my age, I am sure he would have won against me!

Interesting game Dato', hope we have another real game at the coming DATCC Chess League! And thank you, Sir for all the support that you gave the Malaysian Team when I was once one of the National Players! (I dont think I will get the chance training under GM Eduard Gufeld if it wasnt Dato' generousity sponsoring the team).

Pahang players at NC 2009, Mohd Khair so far is the one the score full 2 points, Sumant scored 1 points, Sharif with 0.5 point and Asman is yet to score. In NCW 2009, Sarika is 2 points, Nur Farhana with 1 point while Nur Sabrina Aliya is yet to score a point.

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