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DATMO 2009 - Round 8 pics

Pic left :Table 8 : WIM Zhang Xiaowen (CHN) - 2391
Pic right : Table 10 : IM Richard Bitoon (PHI) - 2495

Pic left : Table 20 : Pak Yevgeniy (KAZ) - 2217
Pic right : This is the last table of round 8, what cought my eye to catch this one is that, according to the pairing, the last table was a bye to Abg Draup Zamahari. But as been told by the chief arbiter, En Najib Wahab, David Gates (on the left) was asking for a bye coz he is sick, and so is Abg Draup (on the right).. Then eventually they met outside asking to pair instead...

Pic left : Table 26 : Sam Grigg - 1933 with 2 points
Pic right : Table 42 : Paul Spiller - 2005 with 2.5 points

Pic left : Table 38 : Steven O'Reilly - 1925 with 2.5 points
Pic right : Table 18 : FM Lim Yee Weng - 2375 with 4 points

Pic left : Looking bored waiting for her opponent is WGM Irene Sukandar (INA) - 2311 with 3.5 points on table 26. She then won on walkover coz, Carl Hessler eventually showed up after 30 minutes of waiting time. Besides her on table 27 is Ismail Ahmad (MAS) - 2089 with 3.5 points vs WGM Atousa Pourkashiyan (IRI) - 3.5 points.
Pic right : The upset on table 8 between WIM Zhang Xiaowen vs GM Marat Dzhumaev (UZB) - 2535. She will definitely get the US$100 for beating a GM

Pic left : Table 13 : WIM Nafisa Muminova (UZB) - 2287, certainly performs well in DATMO 2009, coz she won her round 8 game against IM Ashot Nadanian (ARM) - 2441. Currently she is with 5.5 points before round 9 on friday.
Pic right : Table 28 : Pic in the middle is Tomu Sono (JPN) - 2140 with 3.5 points

Pic left : Table 41 : Koji Noguchi (JPN) - 2012 playing against Yeoh Li Tian. And he lost to Yeoh Li Tian. So, Yeoh Li Tian is now with 3.5 points before round 9.
Pic right : FM Brian Jones - 2067 vs Malaysian Lim Kian Hwa - 1972 on table 37. Result : 1-0. Besides Kim Hwa is Phachara Wongwichit - 2032. I guess from the name, he is probably from Thailand.

Pic left : Table 25 : FM Shinya Kojima (JPN) - 2323 with 3.5 points.
Pic right : Table 6 : Yu Lie (CHN) - 2340 vs GM Susanto Megaranto (INA) - 2534 both with 5 points each. Result : Megaranto won.

Pic left : Table 2 : GM Darwin Laylo (PHI) - 2494 with 5.5 points vs GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (VIE) - 2592 also with 5.5 points. Result : draw
Pic right : Table 10 : IM Richard Bitoon vs Jia Haoxiang (CHN) - 2347. Result : Richard won.

Pic left : Table 7 : GM Saidali Iuldachev (UZB) - 2518 vs Im Sriram Jha (IND) - 2459 both 5 points. Result : 1-0.
Pic right : Table 5 : IM Ronald Dableo (PHI) - 2417 with 5 points vs GM Ziaur Rahman (BAN) - 2538 with 5 points. Result : 1-0

Pic left : Table 4 : Gao Rui (CHN) - 2491 vs GM Li Chao (CHN) - 2634. Both with 5 points in this round. Result : Li Chao proves why he is the defending champ, he won this game, and standing with 6 points before round 9.
Pic right : Table 3 : GM Negi Parimarjan (IND) - 2590 (who was once one of the youngest GM in the World) facing GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami (IRI) - 2589 (FYI, Ehsan is the same age as our Mas Hafizul. Before the round 8 start, he made a complaint saying that the pairings look a little strange, and demanding explanation from Chief Arbiter En Najib, on why he is paired against GM Negi since he and Negi are both top seed. After confirmation and clarification from Najib and En Hamid, probably he seems to be satisfied. At the time he is about to exit the area, both him and Hamid bump into Dato Tan. After introduction Dato asking for a friendly game. A gentleman Ehsan is, he comply to the request. It was a quick finished.. GM la katakan :-))

It is not very easy to snap a pic of Negi, he is always covering his eyes. Hehehe... finally got it (what a paparazzi me), It was an intense grueling hours of battle for these two, it was the last to finish, we had to have 2 helpers to stand guard as the time is only minutes and seconds for the two of them. I was there too. for a while before I had to go to Ambank Section. While I was there, I saw the a move he made, and everybody thought it was a blunder, I thought so too, and Ehsan standing out excitedly after taking advantage of the blunder made by Negi. And gosh! with only 30 seconds remaining.. crowd began dispersing. BUT, Negi wasnt about to give up, he is actually with a plan, surprisingly with A Queen + A King Ehsan can only manage a draw against Negi's 1 Rook + 1 Pawn + 1 King! Impressive!!!! Now I know what makes a GM different than a player like me. Job well done Negi!.

Yu Yangi the only one with 6 points in round 6 facing unrated Emmanuel Senador (PHI) - rated 2372, kind of low compared to Yu of 2510. But upset happened, Senador Won!

And because of the upset, Senador is the sole leader of DATMO with 6.5 points before round 9. Follow closely with 6 points behind him are 9 peoples, in which in round 9, Senador will meet GM Negi. The rest of 6 points are - GM Li Chao, GM Saidali, GM Nguyen, Yu Yangyi, GM Ghaem, GM Laylo, IM Ronald, and GM Susanto.

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