Sunday, August 23, 2009

DATMO & Ambank Challenge 2009

I am having a hard time connecting to the internet, besides that I am using friend's wireless connection, the line coverage is not so good sometimes. But luckily for the readers, they have other access to read the latest news at the Site that I provided in my earlier post.

Currently, Round 3 in under way. BUT before that let me update you with some of the upsets happened in Ambank Challenge 2009. On first board Izz Saifuddin playing black defeated first seed, Abelgas with ratings 2180. I saw the game where it was at the Rook endings. Unfortunately for Abelgas, he lost on time. Others seeded won their game as predicted.

In DATMO, Round 2 saw another Malaysian pulling upset against IM Richard Bitoon from the Phillipines. And that is our NM Ronnie Lim, What a game. If you want to recap the games of Mok and Ronnie, you can check at Hairulov or at the Malaysianopen.blogspot.

Back to round 3 of Ambank Challenge. Only 3 players are still struggling on the board, they are Fadli vs Samson Lim, Ilhamuddin vs Ooi Li Tao, and Renitha vs Abelgas. Others seeded won the game as predicted. While Izz who won in round 3 drew with Cheah Cheuk Fung.

In DATMO, only 11 players currently finished the game. First board Li Chao drew against IM Sriram Jha. IM Ashot Nadanian (Armenia) drew with GM Negi Parimarjan (India). Nguyen Anh Dung (Vietnam) drew with unrated Indonesian - Zulkhairi. Li Handbin (China) drew against Malaysian - Sumant.

Pictures and full report will follow later on.

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