Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DATMO & Ambank Chess Challenge 2009 - Round 6 Pairings

Ranking after Round 5 and result of round 5

Round 6 Pairing of Ambank Challenge 2009 (some players noticed that their seeding no. were changed, this is due to the changes made to Izz Saifuddin, whom the organiser mistakenly put his name without any ratings, this is because he got 2 FIDE no, one with ratings and one with no ratings. Earlier we had a complaint from one player saying that Izz got rating and we need to check)

Round 5 results and Pairing of Round 6 for DATMO 2009

I think this year is the most flexible schedule of DATMO and Ambank coz, yesterday only 1 round and today will have 2 rounds and tomorrow is the rest day. So players can get the energy needed to focus on the games.

Pictures will be uploaded later.

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