Sunday, August 23, 2009

DATMO & Ambank Chess Challenge 2009 - Round 2 Pics

Pic left : Round 2 DATMO. GM Li Chao against a cute WIM also from China - Zhang Xiaowen (I think most chess players idolised her including Hairulov)
Pic right : Second seeded of DATMO from Vietnam - GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Sun

Pic left : Both Indonesian were paired against each other in round 2. The first WGM from Indonesia - Irene Sukandar and the youngest GM from Indonesia - GM Susanto Megaranto. Before this Irene was against another Indonesian - Kadek in round 1.

Pic left : GM Marat Dzhumaev from Uzbekistan
Pic right : Our very own young talent - Yeoh Li Tian making his debut in DATMO

Pic left : the scenery from the bottom tables of DATMO
Pic right : while in Ambank - Seen in the pic Shreyes vs Nor Ilhamuddin in round 2

Pic left : On Second board - Sarika vs Panopio from Phillipines
Pic right : First seeded Roel Abelgas from Phillipines suffered defeat (he lost on time) to Izz Saifuddin

FIDE secretary general - Ignitius Leong from Singapore giving a speach to welcome the players. I think he was here for the KL Open scheduled on 3rd Sep 2009.

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