Monday, August 24, 2009

DATMO & Ambank Chess Challenge 2009 - Round 4 updates

I am very sorry to all readers who has been asking for the latest pairings.. last night the connection was really bad, I cant upload anything last night. But hopefully after this readers and perhaps players waiting for the next pairing will see it first before the games tomorrow.

Currently in Ambank Challenge, most top board players finished the games. They are; Table 1 : between Ilhamuddin vs Panopio ended in a draw both are now with 3.5 points from 4 rounds. Table 2 : Samson Lim vs Jax Tham ended in a win for Samson Lim making him a sold leader in Ambank Challenge with 4 points from 4 rounds. Table 3 : Teh Wee Zhun lost to Izz Saifuddin, currently Izz with 3.5 points, only half points behind the leader. Table 4 : Cheah Cheuk Fung won against Shaharuddin Mappa, he is also now trailing behind Samson with 3.5 points.

While in DATMO, top players are still struggling on the board. Only top 2 tables were players with 3 points from 3 rounds. They are, Xiu Deshun (not yet a GM but with ratings of 2515) against GM Ehsan (ratings 2589), Table 2 : GM Marat vs Gao Rui (ratings 2491).

I'll keep you updated later...

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