Friday, August 28, 2009

DATMO & Ambank Challenge Round 9 updates

Currently in Ambank Challenge most of the top table games finished quickly. First table, the game between the leaders - Panopio and Roel, in which both are filipinos ended in a draw with just few moves... hmm.. the result has been expected and predicted. On table 2, the result of Malaysian Cheah Cheuk Fung vs another filipina Samson Lim is also predicted they will go for a draw. Ilham and Fadli decide for a quick draw. Convincingly Ilham told me he will sure get the top 10 spot because of his tie break is higher. Looking at the mutual agreement of the draw between ilham and Fadli, Jax Tham quickly decide to draw his game against Izz, knowing that he is for sure will be in no. 4 position overall with 6.5 points.

While the DATMO on the other hands is different than the previous year. No quick draw this time, as the only leader is Emmanuel Senador with 6.5 points, half point behind him are 9 others that will surely fight to get into the top spot. So, for certain, I dont think GM Negi who is facing Senador will give a simple draw, nor does Li Chao who is against Saidali. Being the lower rated and untitle Senador, I think most of the 9 players will think that he will lose his game to Negi, and that is why all the 9 players are still playing against each other at this moment... We shall see after this who shall become the 6th DATMO champion!

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