Thursday, August 27, 2009

Merdeka Age Group 2009

Today is the rest day of DATMO and Ambank Chess Challenge, but the day is not went to waste at 5th Floor Ballroom of Cititel Midvalley, coz today, there is also games being held there. The 1st Merdeka Age-group chess open has been held today. The additional bonus to this event, is that during the lunch time hour, a seminar on Chess Of Bobby Fisher was done by Larry Parr - he is the writer for most chess speech of Dato' Tan, and he is also the former editor of Chess Life magazines back in the 80s (I think). Larry mostly tells us the stories about Fisher himself, and Carl Hessler who is a chess teacher back in the America, tells the audience about the games of Fisher.

I was at the scene of the Merdeka Age Group, being an arbiter of the event, handling the U-10, U-12, U-14 and U-16 Age group, with the help of the UM students who were at the Malaysian Chess Festivals for the experiences that will be useful to them later on during the GACC chess events - for Asian Universities. Luckily for me they are all very well versed about the competition. Haslindah is the arbiter of U-8 category.

It was a tiring day for me, as I have to make rounds to settle problems esp from the U-10 section, and few U-12, resting only when the rounds is ended, and during the rest lunch hour time, I have names to key-in for DATCC FIDE rated event to be submitted to FIDE. So, the true rest I have was to sleep at night after breaking fast. But as tired as I could be, I have fun here.. couldnt stop laughing, honestly I couldnt get myself angry at the kids.. they are so cute! I believe children all over the world at that age, play like they play too! What makes me take them to be adorable is the fact that they enjoy being at the chess scene so much, hanging out with friends. And yes, they do make noises - they speak louder, they yell, they scream, they jump, they ran, they roll over the floor :-)) but you know what, they had the time of their life! I saw that there are parents who seems to take the game too serious, and often looking at their kids fiercely and cant believe their eyes that their kids are not playing like what they play at the same age. I know, I had the feelings too when my nephew doesnt play chess like how I play when I was his age. But, kids are just kids, they have fun, they play because they want to play, we can only just encourage them, with the hope and pray that they want to pick the games like we do.... So, parents, chill out will ya!

Pic left : U-14 section. Playing white is Veronica Shalini, and besides her is Goh Xin Yen, she was the U-15G winner at Kuantan Open earlier this month, her opponent in this round was Amira Syahmina.
Pic right : U-16 section. The Champ was Emma Guo from Australia, who is currently playing in the DATMO 2009.

Pic left : U-14 section
Pic right : U-12 section

Pic left : U-10 section
Pic right : U-8 section

Pic left : the talk on Chess of Bobby Fisher by Larry Parr and Carl Hessler
Pic right : The crowds are listening and responding well.

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