Saturday, August 29, 2009

Malaysian Blitz Open 2009 - The Result

The Blitz started at 3 pm at the same venue. A total of 95 players took part. I wanted to play, but my work for DATMO is not done, so, had to give away the playing to the expert.. :-)), but the best part joining as the arbiter, during the blitz semis and final I dont have to stand up and watch the game like the rest, instead, I sit down comfortably.. hehehe

Top 16 will received the cash prizes based on the result of the preliminary 9 rounds swiss system, but only top 8 will advance to the knock out rounds. The top 8 are, Gao Rui vs Ronald Dableo in the quarter final, Oliver Dimakiling vs Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son in the quarter final, Negi vs (oh my, I cant recall at this moment), And Laylo vs ( oh no.. I really cant remember who). But anyway the winner of the quarter final will meet in the semi, they are Negi vs Laylo and Dimakiling vs Dableo.

I was seated at Negi vs Laylo. It was interesting to watch up closed and see how they manuever and hold the chess pieces without even trembling or what so ever due to the time control. But in the end, it was the fight of Dimakiling and Laylo. It wasnt interesting as the semis, coz they both play as if it was a friendly game back home... but overall, I am saying it is the best DATMO ever this year!

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