Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Asian Games Doha 2006

Hi guys, today I read about chess in Asian Games Doha at www.fide.com and guess all of top Asian chessplayers will took part in the event to represent their country! and 22 countries have confirmed their participation in the event! Awesome!!! ;-)

Isn't it great! unfortunately, Malaysia is not one of the team, due to poor performance in SEA games last year, it's a no-no to chess for Malaysia.. (we got to do something about this, we got to prove to MOM that Malaysian chess is as good as the rest ASEAN country.... someday, someday..)

The possibilities for players like Bu Xiangxi from China, Rustam Kasimdhanov from Uzbekistan, Al-Modiahki from Qatar and wife Zhu Chen, also top GMs fom Indonesia, Phillippines, Vietnam, and India will turn up to play. I just hope, top rapid player like Visvanathan Anand will play, it is going to be exciting event that can't be missed!! I just hope chess mag out there could give the latest update, or else I'll be wondering like crazy who'll be the first to be crown the best in Asia!

So, to all chess fans out there give full support to chess in Asian Games Doha 2006, hope to see chess soon in the olimpics!!