Wednesday, November 06, 2013

SMKST Blitz Open 9/11/2013 (Saturday)

We are still open for registration as the school commenced today after two days holiday due to Pahang qualified and won the football Piala Malaysia, and Maal Hijrah which falls on Monday and Tuesday.

This will be our last event for the year 2013 in Kuantan, and our first event to start solo under SCC. The tournament is juz to show our appreciation towards the school which continuously since 2009 has giving us the support in promoting chess as part of education to their form 1 and 2 students.

This is a blitz tournament with a 5 min time control per person. Its a fast and quick chess in which some people used to call it "Lightning Chess". It will be a good practice to those playing in MSSD Kuantan next year, as when players think too long, the chess clock will be opted to be played at 5 min time. Many started to panic as most players are not used to the clock. Therefore, come and join this event and practice your skill in 5 min games!

Register now! 019-9699879 - Khairunnisa' (MBB 106016376093)