Monday, July 05, 2010

Hectic Schedule! and Ole Ole Open 2010

I was in KL yesterday, and back in Kuantan on the same day. Juz in time for PCDK new AJK meeting at D'Santai Restaurant Tanjung Lumpur. Post mortem from the recent Kuantan Open event were tabled and the upcoming project from PCDK.

And today I am off to KL again, attending some accounting seminars for two days. Will only back in Kuantan on Thursday for meeting with IT people from KL and KT. And at night I will be attending another AJK PCDK Meeting to table and make final decision regarding another chess event in Kuantan.

And on Friday after work I am off to Shah Alam to be part of Ole Ole Open on the 10th July 2010! I was the arbiter last year, and I am happy to be the arbiter again this year! Being the arbiter is not so much fun as being a player, but I'm loving the moment where I learned new things. And after all, being with the players I myself building the passion to play again.

Hectic schedule, huh?! Not to mention staying up to watch World Cup.. hahaha! I was a football fan watching EPL, Champions League, etc, but that was the era of Cantona, the young Giggs, Baggio, etc... But now, watching the once in 4 years game is enough for me to keep updated with football. And still, the team that I support to become the World Cup Champ ever since the world cup in 1990 (in 1984 at mexico i am not supporting any team but cheering with the siblings), has never lift the trophy! And it happened again this year when Argentina lost horribly to the Dutch! (huhuhu) And the team that I used to cheer for and support for winning make it thru this year (what la! wrong guess again!)

Ok, back to Chess! All players you are welcome to register for the Ole Ole Open Section 18 Shah Alam, the game is on the 10th July (Saturday). Further info kindly contact : Abdul Haq - 013-3927718.

See you guys there!

Dungun Open 2010 (16-17/7/2010)