Friday, April 27, 2012

Muhd Asyraf Razman vs Suci Rohaya (Indonesia)

It was an interesting endgame between Asyraf and Suci on Table 4 which ended in a draw. It was tricky to solve the game, so a draw is a satisfying decision made by both players. Good job Asyraf!

Historical Melaka Open & Challenger 2012

I am at Melaka on duty as the Deputy Arbiter here. I have been busy here (i brought along with me my office work), that is why i cant report anything from Melaka for viewers at home. But no worries there are other blog site that updates from every single round!

I am happy with our effort in making sure that the tournament is run smoothly, it is juz so awesome to have all the games in Open Section uploaded before the following round in the next day started, and top ten table from the Challenger section uploaded too.

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For All Games Challenger Section - Click here
For Round by Round Report by En Najib - Click here
For Other Report by Pn Haslindah - Click here
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Campones Rapid - go LIVE!