Monday, October 27, 2008

WYCC Vung Tau, Vietnam 2008

Thousands apologies to readers who have been expecting news on the World Youth Chess Championship 2008 from me. (I'm down with fever, so I am off to report about the event) But I am making it out with the latest news about our players result!

Our malaysian in U-10 Open Yeoh Li Tian didn't manage to make a surprise he made last year in U-8 category, but he did make an impression by being the best among malaysian competing by getting 7 points which puts him in 14th place! (not bad!) The winner in his group is Duda Jan from Poland with 9.5 points.

U-10 Open, Aron Teh who is also competing in the same event as Yeoh Li Tian was placed 37th with 6 points.

U-12 Open, Elgin Lee was placed 36th with 6 points.

U-14 Open, Muhammad Syakir Syazmeer in 74th placing with 4 points.

U-16 Open, Justin Ong was in 57th placed with 4.5 points.

While the girls are doing pretty good, they started off impressively and ended the campaign with a good score too!

U-8 Girls, Puteri Rifqah Fahada was placed 22nd with 6 points.

U-10 Girls, Nur Najiha was placed 39th with 5 points, and Camilia Johari was placed 44th also with the same score, 5 points.

U-12 Girls, Nur Nabila is ranked 27th with 6 points.

U-14 Girls, Alia Anin Azwa was placed 29th with 6 points.

All the players fought their best at the games and showed better results than our neighbour Singapore. If the talent of these youngsters is nuture from the beginning we can improve our results and soon we can make our mark... Hope we have the National Age Group event at an early date so that the future Malaysian representatives can make a better preparation for the next WCC 2009.

photos of the players will be uploaded soon!