Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kuantan Chess Masters Rapid Junior 2008

To all chess lovers in Kuantan and outside Kuantan, aged 20 below! There will be a chess tournament in Kuantan. Below are the details...

Date : 29th June 2008 (Sunday)

Time : 7.45 - 8.30 check in Round 1 starts at 8.30am

Venue : SMK Paya Besar

Prizes : Top 5 for U-20, U-16, U-12 and U-9 boys and girls will receive medals and certificates of achievement. The overall winner will be crowned KUANTAN JUNIOR CHAMP and will received special prize that will be announced later at the tournament hall.

To register and further info please call:

Khairunnisa' - 019-9699879
En Kamal Azmi - 019-9282787
En Nordin - 012-9017143
Pn Nurul - 016-9334088
Pn Asmaiani - 016-9305815


National Closed 2008

From Melaka, I headed to KL for the National Closed event which was held at Kompleks Wilayah from 31st May 2008 to 4th June 2008.

And again this year we will see the new National Master (NM) and National Woman Master (NWM) title holder. Whatever the circumstances, I respect the NM and NWM title holder, becoz they fought hard for the title and they deserved it. These is Malaysian Champion for the year!

For as long as I could remember, I played in few National Closed (1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 2005, 2007 and 2008). My first National Closed was in 1990 held at IYC, KL. In which that was the first National Closed for women. The champ at that time was IWM Audrey Wong. Unfortunately for her there was no trophy, so, her name wasn;t crafted at the current trophy. I can still remember, the leader at that tournament was Geraldine Johns Putra. She made an upset and won against Audrey Wong. She was so closed into becoming the champion. But in the last round, she need a win so bad, coz if she drew, Audrey might be the champ coz the points are the same. Geraldine vs me in the last round. I think I did ask her for a draw, coz, it was an endgame fight where we only had, one King, a Bishop and 2 pawns (I think). But she made a blunder during time trouble moments, and I won the game. That time, I was the one that stopped the champ. I denied her the title that has been long her wish that time. She cried, but I am happy. Coz with that win, I am qualify to play in the Selection for 1990 Olimpiad. If I could still remember, in the selection Nurul Huda, Geraldine, Eliza Hanum, Ong Hwa Lu and me are playing. I think there are others competing but I can't recalled. 3 players were selected from the selection and one chosen by MCF. Fortunately for me I won the selection and automatically qualify.

Ok ok enough about me.. :-))

Lets welcome to the new NM Edward Lee, and NWM Alia Anin Azwa Bakri. Welcome to the family of NMs and NWMs!

For results kindly visit

both players only needed a draw in the last round to emerge the champion.

MSSM Melaka 2008

The last MSSM that I went and watched was the MSSM in Arau, Perlis. Which was dated back in 1995. It is so happened that the MSSM was held next to my College.

Then this year MSSM! I have been to Melaka before, but this is the first time that I actually enjoying myself there. I am only there for the last two days of MSSM. Too many places to go and see... the Zoo, Taman Mini Malaysia, Banda Hilir, the ship, famosa, Taming Sari, etc.. I didn't managed visits all the places but to at least see some of it, was a dream come true! Thanks to Haslindah, for the trip. To Pn Beulah, to En Bakri and family, thank you for making it a pleasant trip there. Thanks to all the Teachers that welcomed us there. To the KL contingent, to the Selangor contingent (nice to see my second cousins also there and witness her daughter win the U-12G title) thank you too.

I am afraid of height, but it is now or never! And who would have thought, I managed to climb the A Famosa... :-)) and try looking down the hill and take the picture of beautiful sunset.. Not to mentioned, we take a ride in the Taming Sari, and looking down at Melaka town from 80 feet above!! So, people out there, FEAR IS NOT THE FACTOR FOR ME!

But we are on official visits for the MSSM and sadly, we didn't have the chance to actually see the games, coz we are not allowed to be inside the hall... So, we didn't get to see the players in action, only the faces of joy and tears when they come out.

Surprisingly all the top players that I mentioned were in a 50-50 situation managed to retain the champion title. Well, I guess the others will have to come up with a new startegy after this! Coz, these players sure have the determination to make the title theirs despite of losing to other players in previous round.

Congrats to all the winners. I don't have the results with me, but I shall write the ones that I know and can remember. (the closing ceremony was chaotic, and seems unproper, I don't catch the full results read by the emcee)

U-12G champ was Nur Nabila from Selangor, Fairuz Hamiza was in second place.

But surprise, surprise.. the Team Champ for U-12G was Kelantan!! The surprise talents emerged from the east coast. If they are reading this, my wish is that the girls keep on playing in and outside Kelantan. And surprise us again in the next years to come.

U-12B was won by none other than Yeoh Li Tian. He was undefeated.

U-15G was won by the one and only Alia Anin Azwa Bakri (pearl of Melaka chess), few one more round to go, she is the clear champ.

U-15B was won by Edward Lee from Selangor. Sumant was no. 3 in the final list.

U-18G was won by Fong Mi Yen from Perak.

U-18B was won by Anas Nazreen Bakri. Clearly his lost to Terengganu boy in previous round didn't stop the final triumph he made to win the next rounds and grab the title. Silver and bronze medallist was from Terengganu. Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli, and Abdul Kadir Jalani.

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