Monday, November 26, 2007

What 3 Malaysians up to during their break at MAIGOC?

Most of them spent their break by taking a trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong! Looks like what a great time they had there...

Hubby and Wife from Qatar

Here is a picture of the famous Qatar hubby and wife team! GM Al-modiahki and Zhu Chen. Zhu Chen was originally from China, playing for Qatar since last year Asian Games at Doha. I first met Al-modiahki at the World Junior in Brazil in 1991, then once again in Asian Junior in 1994. Actually both of them played... but the love sparks during olimpiad somewhere in the year 2000-2004 (i guess :-))) They have a daughter named Dana.

Pictures during the Medal award ceremony of MAIGOC 2007

After the prize giving ceremony for Standard event, with Zulaika and Mas's bronze medals.

Medal winners for standard event.

Waiting for the flag to raise.

This is the medal won by Zulaika and Mas

I bet this is during the gold medalist national enthem..