Thursday, October 08, 2009

UIA Open Postponed!!

UIA Open that is supposed to be scheduled next saturday and sunday (17th and 18th October 2009) has been postponed to 1st November 2009. Dont know the reason, but this has been the second announcement that the tourney has been postponed. Perhaps the organiser wants to attract more participants after the Deepavali celebration (on 17th Oct 2009).

Those who wish to take part, kindly take note on the matter!

**the source of info was taken from
here **

Sunday, October 04, 2009

DATCC Open House Blitz - Result

I dont have the list of the participants taking part, but I heard there are 34 players playing the blitz, while the rest spectators enjoy the Open House menu provided by the host. My bro - Khair who took part in the Blitz yesterday said, the food is delicious!

Hairulov and Gilachess were there to highlight the event. You can find it here and here .