Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MASSIN 2010 - the updates!

We lost both the rapid games today. Therefore the total score of 76.5 - 75.5 by just mere one point we lost to Singapore.... Again... (huhuhu)

And Singapore lift the Dato' Tan Kim Yeow again this year.

In anyway, good job to all the players and official for at least giving the fans the joy even for one moment, and who would have thought of that mere one point which separate the title holder...

MASSIN 2010 - Rapid Result

Malaysia lost by 17.5 - 20.5. But in the overall Malaysia is still leading by 58.5 - 55.5. Hope in the next round we can still secure the gap and win the MASSIN 2010!

MASSIN 2010 - We Won the Classical!!!

He made there. This is Pakcik Shukor Mustapha from Temerloh Pahang. Trying hard the get him the message that he was selected to play in the Mas-Sin Match. He lost the first round to IM Giam, but won the second round with another Singaporean.

This is the game that he won.

(**pic taken from My Chess Diary blog**)

I cant recall when was the last time we won the Mas-Sin Chess Classical... But winning the friendly this year, and it was held here in our own turf, certainly give me something to smile about the whole day.. :-))

The second round ended up with a tie of 19-19 score to both side, but given that we won the first round and added that up, overall we won by 41-35!!

Good job to all the players, officials!!

We have another Rapid games today, hopefully we win again!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Juz received the sms from Haslindah updating me every result of the MASSIN. Thanks Haslindah! It is really great to know that Malaysia is still leading by 7.5 - 3.5 when she sms at 12.31pm - Won : Puteri Rifqah, Islamurni, Nithyalaksmi, Tan Yong Hao, Aziz Farhan, Wong Yin Long! Draw : Mok, Peter Long, Zarul Shazwan. Lost : Maisarah, Jagathees (both U-8 players).

Then when she sms again at 1.41pm, Malaysia is still leading by 17 - 9. Won - KK Chan, Mas, Abdullah, Wei Hao, Tan Yong Zhong, Feiruz, Tan Li Ting, Ismail. Draw : Roslina, Zarul. Lost : Sumant, Amier, Shukor.

And before the 2nd round start, Malaysia lead by 22 - 16!!!! (yeay)

Hope to hear more good news from her again! :-))