Thursday, December 27, 2012

2nd Kuantan Grand Finale Rapid Chess Championship 2012 - Photos

The venue at Vistana Hotel proved to be a very comfortable playing experience for the finalists.
Our selected potential juniors in action - Muhd Hazid vs Muhd Farhan, next to Muhd Hazid is Meor Airil vs Sharif Mohd Zaki
Last round encounter Kamaluddin Yusof vs IM Mas Hafizulhilmi on table 1. The game ended in a draw, which secure placing for Kamaluddin.
Abdul Khalid is battling against Muhd Syazwan in this round
Our PCDK patron - Dato Seri Muhammad Safian Ismail the state secretary seen in the middle. On his right is our VP En Asman, and on his left is our Hon Secretary Haji Nordin.
5th place - Noor Ahmad Fazilah Mohd Sahid

4th place - Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli
Last round battle between Mohd Khair and Nik Ahmad Farouqi on board 2. A win by Nik Ahmad Farouqi would secure him a place in top 5 Finale. Unfortunate for him, the game ended in a draw.
3rd place - Kamaluddin Yusof
2nd place goes to Mohd Khair Wahidduddin
Our 2nd Kuantan Grand Finale CHAMPION - IM Mas Hafizulhilmi

 All winners taking pictures with the PCDK AJKs
Interesting last round battle for top 5 prizes. Noor Ahmad Fazilah vs Sulaiman Johari. Sulaiman has performed very well beating Nik Ahmad Farouqi and Abdul Haq before ended up losing the last round game against Noor Ahmad Fazilah. Seen in pic next to them is Mohd Yusuff Ismail vs NM Kamal Arifin.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2nd Kuantan Grand Finale - The Result

IM Mas Hafizulhelmi (from Kelantan) emerged as the champion in the 2nd Kuantan Grand Finale. IM Mas defend the title that he won last year with 6.5 points. IM Mas overcome all his rival except for Kamaluddin Yusof (Abg Bro) who managed to hold him for a draw. 2nd place goes to our very own Pahang player - Mohd Khair Wahidduddin with 5.5 points while 3rd place goes to Kamaluddin Yusof (Abg Bro) from Johor with 5 points. 4th place goes to Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli (from Terengganu) with 5 points and 5th place goes to Noor Ahmad Fadzilah (from Kedah) with 5 points.

With no single lost from IM Mas Hafizul, the bounty of RM100 for each round, will be brought forward for the next year Finale. PCDK meeting will decide later of how much bounty to offer next year as an incentive for other players to defeat IM Mas. He shall be back again next year as the Defending Champion. 

For Full result go to Chess Result

With the conclusion of our 2nd Grand Finale, we closed the 2012 curtain for chess activities in Kuantan. We shall meet again next year with our 2013 Grand Prix Series (InsyaAllah), beginning as soonest as February 2013 with Serie A. Our hope next year 3rd Kuantan Grand Finale Rapid Chess Championship we can run the event in 2 days, with a different format and with a little twist to make the battle for the best top 5 to be more interesting!

See you next year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Day To Remember...

During the 2nd Kuantan Grand Finale at Vistana hotel, we received shocking news of the tragic death of Cikgu Sabirin and his family. It's hard to believe but we have to accept the fate from Allah. May Allah placed them among the believers. Al fatihah. Chess community especially in Dungun, Terengganu will missed dedicated Cikgu Sabirin and his family. Before the start of the event, all of us recite Al-fatihah for the late Cikgu Sabirin and family. Let us share with our readers an article from his nephew that touch our heart. You can find the article here:

langit ilahi

On 24th December also marked a day to remember, while having breakfast at Putra Square with Nik Ahmad Farouqi, Muhd Syazwan, Haq and wife Roslina, suddenly it was raining so heavily non-stop. All of us thought that it will stop soon (as usual). But this time, Allah SWT is testing our faith. In minutes we saw waters pouring into the restaurant, Haq and Syazwan had to move their car to higher parking spot around the restaurant. While Farouqi was worried sick about his car which was parked at CIMB bank juz opposite Berjaya Megamall (which was hit severely by the flood). On behalf of all chess community, our sympathy goes to Nik Ahmad Farouqi because his car along with chess equipment that supposed to be used for the Kelantan Open this weekend was flooded in kuantan yesterday..

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crowd puller

Game between Kamaludin and Taulani.

2nd Kuantan Grand Finale - Round 5

Currently IM Mas is doing fine with 5 straight wins after round 5 (juz a reminder an incentive of RM100 for winning against him in any rounds is offered),

Second placed is shared between Mohd Khair, Nik Ahmad Farouqi, and Muhd Syazwan. All scored 4 points.

In round 6 - Nik Ahmad Farouqi is facing IM Mas on table 1.

Catch the game live broadcast at

Round 5 on the way

Our PCDK secretary en Nordin is taking part facing adik Meor Adib from junior selection. Besides him is adik Muhd Hazid Ekquan also from junior selection is up against Nur Farhana who qualify from Serie D.

The Banner

Another live game broadcast

Between owner of dgt boards Nik Farouqi and Muhammad Arshad.

Live game broadcast

You can watch the live game between IM Mas and Abd Haq live at

Buffet Lunch for Finalists

Buffet lunch provided for finalists and parents of junior players. Courtesy of Persatuan Catur Daerah Kuantan.

More pic of 2nd Kuantan Grand Finale

Seen in pic playing against Sharif (red shirt) is our youngest finalist. Adik Zulkarnain who came all the way from Rompin Pahang.

More pic from 2nd Kuantan Grand Finale


2nd Kuantan Grand Finale

Still strong on board 1 on round 3 is the defending champion IM Mas. Seen in pic vs Kuantan - Mohd Khair.

2nd Kuantan Grand Finale

Seen in pic - Nik Ahmad Farouqi suffered a loss to Kuantan otai - Sulaiman in earlier round. Seen here he is facing NM Kamal Arifin.

Sitting next to them are Khalid vs NWM Roslina.

2nd Grand FINALE

Game round 3 between Kamaluddin and Haq.

2nd Kuantan Grand Finale Is Underway

Finally the Grand Finale for 2012 is on after 5 SCC Grand Prix series ended. I have been in hectic schedule, and unfortunately I can't participate this year. I am so eager to play, but organising the event takes priority than playing in it.

We are so blessed to have the players participating with ratings and experiences that could give our juniors the lifetime games ever! and that was our purpose anyway, to have the FINALE for our juniors to excel in future events.

You can check the games on board 1 and 2 live from the internet at and for full results as usual click to

En Najib is the Chief Arbiter for the event, you can check his site for updates as well at

Will update you more once i have settled few things regarding the FINALE (huhu..)