Saturday, August 27, 2011

Team MAMAK in action

Fairin vs Vakhidov on board 1, while Saprin vs Pritka, Zaidan vs Tumpak and Kamaludin vs Yee Soon Wei.

Table 1 - Both Chesskidz Team From Singapore.

GM Mariano vs IM Barbosa on table 1

Klang Valley Koalas vs ASTRO Ladies

Battle between ladies..


Organising chairman Daniel Yong starts the game for table 1 by simple d4.. And let the game begins!


My original team - WIM Nafisa Mumjnova, Samantha Lee, Alana Chibnall and Chai Hweimeen.

Friday, August 26, 2011

GM Wang Rui Champ!

Meet GM Wang Rui the champ of 2nd Merdeka Rapid Individual Chess Championship.

Razali Hamzah a.k.a Ng6

Thinking hard during Merdeka Rapid..

Some Locals Competing

Seen in pic is Mohd Irman, Mohd Ezmi, Syazwan and Ooi Zhi Yang.

Round 4 Table 1 Merdeka Individual Rapid

Battle between Sanchez and Vakhidov.

Using LCD Projector For Rapid

Seen in the pic the large screen and the arbiters of the event - Kaber and Haslindah.

Merdeka Individual Rapid Starts Now

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Congrats To Winners

Congrats to Dimitri Kayumov - champ of Seniors Section, Sarvinov Kurbonboeva - champ of Ambank Challenge and GM Li Shilong - this year  champ of DATMO. Picture with the officials.

Dato' Tan Give Away His Winning Prize..

Dato decide to give away his prizes to the committee.. And he said that he will sponsor again.. Great huh!

Final Blitz Between Yu Ruiyuan and Lu Shanglei

Witness the finale by Dato Tan and Tan Sri

Final Round Blitz between Lu Shanglei and Oliver Barbosa

Blitz Is Underway..

Round 9 - Final Day

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Round 8 - 23/8/2011

GM Wang Rui is also with 6 points

GM Li Shilong Is Leading With 6 points

The Intense Battle Between IMs

And our IM Jimmy won the battle. With this victory, GM Kayumov looks solid to become eventual champ with 1 point above the rest.

Table 1 - Zaidan vs SM Sharon

If Zaidan beat this guy he will be in the lead. After all this years perhaps it is about time that the trophy goes back to the locals. But can "Warrior Zaidan" do it?

Unfortunately, he could not exploit the winning position and only managed to draw. Both of them are now the leaders of the Ambank pack.

Luis Chiong Zacarias Romero

This guy made an upset yesterday by beating the last year champ GM Kayumov. Now all 3 people with 5 points each - GM Kayumov (RUS), Ferdiman Tersiman (INA), and IM Chiong (PHI).

Round 7 Underway

The Tension in Round 6

Last year champ (on the right), Cao Sang is in deep thought to win against Jahongir Vakhidov.
The battle between GM Li Shilong and IM Oliver Dimakiling caused a lot of spectator crowding the game, because Li Shilong have been battling in few seconds to think while Dimakiling was entirely in comfort with more times in hand. When i took this pic i saw Dimakiling time was 1 hour and Li was at 1 minute.

Monday, August 22, 2011

And The Princess it Tamed

and it wasnt by the Prince of Persia, but by the charming Dr Zaidan...

Round 6 - 22/8/2011 Is On The Way..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Showtime!

We are almost in severe headache when all 300++ children storming into the hall on the first round of Merdeka Age Group today.. Do hope everything is going well towards the end..