Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Meeting a Chess Friend

Last night, I went out meeting a friend of mine. A chess friend (to be exact). I was so excited to see him, coz the last time I saw him was during merdeka last year, and the last before that was in 1996! (boy!, I am old!)

I always picture him to be a kid that I use to see years ago, a sweet and cute kid, but a very talented chess player. We never really talk much during the old days, but I always admire him, ever since he played in his first MSSM in 1988. And actually, that was my first MSSM too.

I always wonder, how on earth does this kid play anyway... He was really smart!

Ok,ok,ok.. that was years ago... let me tell you about last night.

In my head, I am going to meet a kid whom I last seen 10 years ago.. (that is what I picture him), but instead....

He has grown up!.. He is now a man. More mature... When we chat, I felt like I am the kid instead of him even though I am older than him... (hahaha)

It was a nice moment.. We chat about chess mostly.. Other than that is like walking down the memory lane.. Gosh! time does running fast, I couldn't put his latest face in my head as what he is today.. But, I think I am going to start to... (face the fact of life, that I am getting older!)

And honestly, he is getting wiser too! I enjoyed the chat that we had, coz not many people that I could talk mostly about anything, when it comes to global news, most people are really boring, but he is interesting. Now, there are 2 people that I can spend hours of chatting.. (wondering what does he think of me... the sweet 21 years old sis.. hahaha.. who knows man!!)

I told him that I am too busy with my work that I don't even have the time to do just about anything. He then told me "only incompetent people would say that, if you are competent, all work is done in time".. Wow! coming out from his mouth!

So, I decided... That I will try to make up with time, and lets see if I really have a lot of work or, I don't have the time management.

To my dearest friend,
Thanks for the everything.. I am still smiling and will keep on smiling...