Thursday, February 25, 2010

Malaysian Women Master (MWM) 2010 - Starts Tomorrow!

The Malaysian Women Master will starts tomorrow 26th Feb with a knock out round 1 of 16 at DATCC Kompleks Wilayah at 9am. The quarter finals on the 27th Feb, Semis on the 28th while the final will schedule on 1st March 2010. The players were selected based on the criteria mentioned by MCF as per here

There were controversy on the selected players as mentioned here and here I am not to give any comments about whether the selection is made out correct, right, accurate or what so ever, or whether the players selected are worth the strength to fit into the 16, but in my opinion whoever got selected, just play your best and show to the rest of the Malaysians that you deserve the spot in the 1st MWM 2010!

Here are the first pairing of the MWM 2010 : Round 1

Nurul Huda W - Latifah Syamimi
Fong Mi Yen - Winnie Hong
Khairunnisa' W - Latifah Kaiyisah
Alia Anin - Renitha Narayanan
Tan Li Ting - Fairuz Hamizah
Nur Nabila - Nur Najihah
Haslindah Ruslan - Fadzilah W
Amira Syamina - Hoh Tjin Li

It looks like the first round are battle between sisters! My sis and I will paired against the sis, Syamimi and Kaiyisah, while Nur Nabila and Nur Najiha will play each other in the first round.
Check out bloggers like Hairulov or GilaChess for the coverage of the event! And one more thing, wish me and my sis the best of luck!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

National Age Group 2010

Other bloggers have updated much much more info on the below tournaments, so, I juz want to do a reminder here :

SMK Seri Kenangan Rapid Chess info will be found here

There will be DATCC Rookie Tornado Chess this 27th Feb 2010 made specially for the National Rating of 1400 and below, the details can be found here

2nd Leg of the KL Rapid Grand Prix will happen on the 6th March 2010 and the info will be found here

For Pahang players (in which most of you are new to chess) who are interested to sharpen their skills I would recommend this 2 tournament, because for the first - It is only for rated below 1400 (which gives you the opportunity to play against opponent with the same level as you), and second - the tournament is with the time control of 45 min each will give the players the time to think and write their game and do the analysis after the game ended.

Also, those 2 tournaments will be a good practice for the Pahang youth before the National Age Group (NAG) 2010 (In which I am encouraging for you to take part). This annual event will be held in Pulau Pinang this year. The tournament will commence on 14th March - 16th March 2010. The time control will be 60 min + 30 sec increment from move 1. For more info check out here

You can click for online registration at this site

Now Back To Chess!

My apology to all the readers that have been craving for me to update my blog, but settling things that demanded my attention more has been my priority. But not to worry, my first update of a chess competition will be the coming Malaysian Women Master (MWM) 2010!

At home, for weeks I have been busy with my dearly brother Khair's wedding on the 13th and 20th February, and even when it is over I still feel exhausted. Alhamdullillah, the wedding reception on our side went well as we have planned it. I am not taking any leave of work for the wedding coz at the same time, the office is being audited by both Internal and External Auditor.

At office, the Auditor has completed the Audit field work, therefore what is left is the completion of audit, in which I am taking over to do it this year as my boss is busy with the meeting for our new office that will commence construction at Indera Mahkota, Kuantan anytime soon.

Now, I am taking a break from work (though the Information System people had juz arrive from KL) becoz the system isnt working like what we expected. And becoz of that I agree to play in the coming Malaysian Women Master together with my two sisters. The last time all three of us decided to play together was at the Sukan Wanita Kebangsaan 2007. It would be nice to hang out again and have fun!

I am not doing any preparation for the MWM, and my first round opponent has been playing around KL a lot compared to me, but we'll see if I can make it thru the quarter final.