Saturday, July 02, 2011

MASUM 2011 - Winners!

Board 6 - Ladies

Board 5 - Ladies

Board 4 - Ladies

Board 3 - Ladies

Board 2 - Ladies

Board 1 - Ladies NWM Nur Shazwani Zullkafli (and she won that ever since she participated in MASUM)

Board 6 - Men

Board 5 - Men

Board 4 - Men

Board 3 - Men

Board 2 - Men

Board 1 - NM Zarul Shazwan Zulkafli - The only thing that UMP brought back home!

Bronze Medallist Ladies Team - UIA

For the first time after 5 years with GOLD, now UM ended the campaign with SILVER.

For the first time out of blue... we heard aloud at the hall UPSI..UPSI..UPSI with the GOLD

Bronze - UKM Men's Team (sure make the manager Duratul Ain and coach Shamsuddin proud)

Also out of luck this year is UM Men's Team, ending the campaign this year with SILVER (they have won gold for four consecutive years)

The GOLD medallist this year - UIA with coach Nik Farouqi standing proud among them!

After MASUM was over most of the Uni were scouting for new talents, aiming at MSSM level chess players to come and join their Uni. And I am too looking for new talents hoping that UMP will bring medals too next year! Anyone who is interested to join UMP (most of the courses offered here are Engineering) doing diploma or degree, you can submit directly or submit to me the forms so that i can recommend you to the Sports Centre to be forwarded the Admin Department. Come! Join us now!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

MASUM 2011 - The Results!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MASUM 2011 - The Final Round.

MASUM 2011 - Final Round



USM vs UTM. If Looi Xin Hao wins this game, then UMP's Zarul will get the best board.

UPM vs UKM. Decisive for Bronze

UNISZA vs UM. I guess Silver will be good right Syazwan?

UUM vs UIA. Definitely gold for UIA! Clinching it from UM this year!

UM vs UPM. Even if UM wins this, Gold would still be a dream.. they are giving away the gold they maintaned for 5 years in a row!

UNISZA vs UPSI. THis will be an easy task for UPSI... my guess 4-0!

UMP vs UTM (taken from the back row)