Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Latest...

Our IM Mas Hafizul will continue his journey for the GM norm to play at the Commonwealth Chess Championship in Nagpur, India on 27th September to 6th October 2008. He had just sms me that he is at the Mumbai airport (Malaysian time 2.28am - 27th september, India time 12 mignight on the same date) waiting for the flight connection to Nagpur at 6am India time.

Hope he will play the best there and be more focussed. He was at his hometown for few weeks to spend Ramadhan with his family (after the GM tournament at Cititel Express on the 5th september). I hope with the encouragement and advises he received from his father (who is his no. 1 mentor), he will be in good shape and performed better too! He will be spending the remaining few days of Ramadhan fasting there, plus the additional celebrating Aidilfitri on the board... fighting...

All the best Mas!

What's the News Today?

Fasting month is almost over soon, only few more days before Aidilfitri (Eid Mubarak). There's not much to tell in the month of Ramadhan, as Malaysian chess scene is off too in respect of the month. But after Raya, the chess season is on as usual, with tourneys coming in as soon as on the 12th October with Kuala Langat Open, then on 19th there will be Pearl Point Open. UPSI Open also booked their date on the 26th of October.

I know the chess fans out there are eager to be in action as we all have been fasting from tourneys too.

more info log on to link Hairulov and Gilachess website.

Also marking a debut will be the up coming FIDE rated event in Kuala Terengganu on 18th - 22nd December 2008. The total cash prize of RM18,000 are up for grabs only for the best players in the top ten finishing rankings. But sadly it is invited to all FIDE rated players only and only 30 Terengganu players are eligible o take part. But still it is an event that has been awaited by the fans as we can witness the best quality of classical chess games played by the nations best player. It is expected that the competition will be an interesting event to watch!