Friday, August 08, 2008

Regarding No Ladies Team To Germany 2008

All of a sudden my blog has attract visits from chess fans, all becoz of the comments I made about the sms I received from MCF. Well, to nasero and dinovsky. Let me be honest with you guys.

I am merely questioning why no Ladies Team to Olimpiad, juz coz the two are not playing. Is it worth it to leave a mark that in Malaysia only those two are the best. During the years where WIM Audrey Wong and FM Seto Wai Ling was regards the best women players, they too got a special automatic spot in the Malaysian team. But still with their absent, Malaysia send ladies team to the Olimpiad. In which that was the first Olimpiad I took part. And becoz I was considered "NASIB BAIK JE" to qualified and represent Malaysia by the chess people and was young too (I was 15 years old that time), I was placed as Malaysia's fourth board (reserve) player. Oh well, this so called "NASIB BAIK JE" one actually placed no. 8th on the fourh board in the overall ranking in that olimpiad which witness 68 countries taking part in the Women section.

I was schooling, therefore I was more focussed than today. With limited resources (no books, no computers) I studied chess and sparring with my siblings during those school years! I bet Siti and Wani also study hard and concentrate on chess during their school years. No responsibilities yet, so what else to think about! but CHESS! But are they still focus now? Have Siti been playing lately? or how was the score of Wani? (If you guys said that the rest of us is to NO good la...)

May I make a statement here. When I quote the sms from MCF, it is none of my intention I did that juz becoz I wanted to be in the team too. Even if I qualify, I might not make it to Germany, due to my work commitment at home. But why I bother playing again? (After taking a 10 years break from chess. I played again, becoz I missed chess, I like the feeling being surrounded by my chess friends, and to give support to Women in Chess!) My points is that, there are other youngsters out there who is eager to make the country proud if we juz give them the chance to do so. Is it the right thing for not giving them the chance? I too dont have any ratings and never perform well in any local tournaments before, but I surprised everyone and did the best in my Olimpiad, and do my country proud back then.

When I received comments saying that my game is the worst ever, some said I am not worth for the nation, some even said I am too old to play, and there are comments like I was a national player becoz during my years, there are no other players as good as Siti or Wani. Well, to these people. Is it my fault that I was born years earlier compared to those two? For those who said that I am not worth it today, must I be bothered? I had the amazing years, playing with my siblings. Playing for Pahang in Merdeka with juz us in the team. Witness my brother and Sis became the first siblings to be crowned NM and NWM in the same year. I am proud to make upset against Audrey Wong, and helped my Sis once again win the NWM title in the following year. I twice stopped MCF favourite player, Geraldine Johns Putra. Once from winning the 1990 National Closed, and second in the selection to Olimpiad. Not juz that, after I get my NWM title in 1995, in dec that year I played first board for Malaysia. I only lost once from all my games. And I am proud to standing tall at the podium winning the first board bronze medal for Malaysia together with the gold medallist and the world champion Xie Jun! That experience is something that can never be trade. And the horrible comments may break me into tears, but the memories kept me strong to keep on playing chess, and for the sake of Women In Chess!