Monday, September 03, 2007

50th Years of Merdeka


This year mark the 50th annivesary of our Independence day. From the bottom of my heart I am always touched by the day... 31st August every year.

If it weren't because of the freedom that we now lived in, I don't think we could play chess so, freely and peacefully like today. Maybe only those from the elite "org putih" group or the royalty will have that luxury.

So, honestly, I feel blessed by what we have achieve today and grateful too. Even if it is so little to count for.

To all Malaysians, especially chess players, chess fans out there, happy merdeka day...


Macau - Asian Indoor Games 2007 Players

Congratulations to those that were selected to play in Macau, for the Asian Indoor Games this coming October 2007! Hope you can make us proud! Good Luck!!

To WIM Siti Zulaika, NWM Nur Syazwani, FM Lim Yee Weng, FM Anas and IM Mas Hafizulhilmi. Do all the best you can, and may that best is the best we could hope for!!
Jia you! Jia you!
To Team Manager, Haslindah safe journey there ok!

Youth for World Junior Chess in Turkey

This are Malaysians that will represent Malaysia in the coming World Junior Chess in Turkey this year. Good Luck to all of you! May you guys bring interesting results!!

Merdeka Standard Winners

Penang team

Second place - Selangor A (Marcus, Mark, FM Lim Yee Weng, FM Mok TM and FM Nicholas Chan)

The champ ASTRO team taking photos with the VIPs including dato' Tan and Sieh Kok Chi from MOM (the players - FM Ooi Chern Ee, WIM Siti, Ismail Ahmad, FM Anas and IM Mas)

Siti with board prize medal

Persatuan Catur Putrajaya rep

Sixth place winner

Selangor B

Bad Brother team

Merdeka Standard Junior Winners

Board Prize Winners

Terengganu Junior rep

Selangor Generasi 9 Team

Penang Junior

Selangor Generasi 8 - The Junior Winner

Pictures from the recent Merdeka Standard 2007

Here are pictures taken by me during the recent Merdeka Standard. I can't take pictures of all players and team due to space constraint.. So here are few. Enjoy!

PCP Perlis Team

Kuantan Knights on the right

The Champ - ASTRO Team on the left

Kuantan knights again

Crowded isn't it?

FM Mok vs NWM Roslina

Don't underestimate her la Mok..

Reasons why I am not playing In Merdeka Standard

This is the my god daughter! her name is Nik Mariam... Well isn't she cute! She is a daughter of my best friend, Muzlita Aini. This is her first baby. She was borned on 28th July 2007. And she is one of the reason why I am not playing in this year Merdeka Standard 2007... hehehe.. (she is too cute to say yes to Merdeka la..)

Muz and I have been friend for 19 years now! She is the only person that doesn't play chess but can listen to every word about chess without even complaining of boring. She is also the shoulder to cry on, when I had my down moments in chess or in life. And even after all the years of my absent in chess, when I talked to her again about chess, she can still remember the names of Saprin, Maliki, Haq, Roslina, even the cute IM Mas Hafizulhilmi. The one that we both adore so much... He is kind of like our kid brother.... hehehe

The other reason is, my dearly friend and sis, Kak Tun is going to Mekah for this whole Ramadhan month. We haven't seen much of each other, and during merdeka is our first meeting in KL for this year. That is because I am too busy with chess this year. Buzy with coaching, tournaments and works.

I wish her a safe journey there and a safe journey home...

Merdeka Standard Chess Reunion

Md Hairi Md Hussin

Mas Ayu Mahmood

Me and Hairi

Merdeka has always been a place of a reunion for all chess players. Faces that you haven't seen in years, always suddenly appear in Merdeka event. Players that used to play chess actively during my years, also shown their faces in annual Merdeka event...
The likes of Mohd Kamal Abdullah, Ooi Chern Ee... etc

I also saw, Mas Ayu Mahmood! Well she looks the same that's why I could recognise her... The last time I saw her was during National Closed 1990, at IYC KL... Imagine that! Nice to see you again, Kak! (and I still had the 1990 pictures)

My former team mate whom the last time I saw him was like years ago, Hairi. We are from the same ITM Arau Perlis. We met during an allegro chess in Perlis in 1995. Then we are in the same chess team for INTEKMA chess in 1995. Now, he is currently working in UUM as a lecturer, and residing in Perlis. It was a pleasant reunion for both of us!