Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MSSM 2008

MSSM this year is hosted by MSSM Melaka. Held at Ayer Keroh D'Village Resort as the main venue of the event. The games which started from 23rd May to 29th May 2008, attract some unexpecting results from the players at all age levels.

Favourites like, FM Anas Nazreen (U-18B), Nur Nabila (U-12G) suffered loss in the fifth rounds to players from Muhd Syazwan - Terengganu and Ng Jing Jia - Penang. Which makes the title open for grab!

Team like Kelantan U-12G unexpected results by being the leader of the team event, makes us wonder, would there still be hidden talent out there waiting to be discovered!

Clear champs before the final rounds started tomorrow, are Fong Mi Yen (U-18G) from Perak, Alia (U-15G) from Melaka,

Meanwhile Fairuz Hamizah (Kedah), Ng Jing Jia (Penang), and Nabila (Selangor) are tied with 5 points each for the title of U-12G.

U-18B, Anas and Justin Ong (KL) both with 5 points each will be fighting for the title tomorrow. While both Terengganu players will be fighting for a spot too on the podium.

U-15B, Edward Lee from Selangor leading with 5.5, followed closely with Sumant (Pahang) and Izz (KL) with 5 points.

U-12B, Favourite Yeoh Li Tian (Selangor) is a sole leader with 6 points, while Elgin Lee (Penang) and Mohd Aziz Farhan (KL) with 5 points behind the leader.

For the first time since 2003 MSSM we witness the team event for all categories played.

For U-18B, Johor is leading the pack with 11 Match point, Selangor - 9 Match point, and Penang next.

U-15B, Johor (11MP), Selangor (9MP), Penang (8MP)

U-12B, KL leading (11 MP), Penang (9MP), Selangor (9MP)

U-12G, Kelantan (10MP), Kedah (9MP), KL (8MP)

U-15G, Selangor (11MP), KL (10MP), Johor (9MP)

I just arrived from Kuantan to be here at Melaka, just to see for myself how the event went on. For further result.. stay tuned!