Thursday, May 05, 2011

Normal Operation of SCC

SCC back in normal operation starting yesterday 4/5/2011. I was away last weekend, but the SCC was running by demand under the management of Khair. I have heard, it was rented to our Local Otai's Mini Tournament where winner takes all on 1/5/2011. The game started at 3pm and was ended at 1 o'clock in the morning. Thanks guys for supporting SCC. And classes was held as usual too. Well I am back now, anyone wishes to use the centre by appointment can give me a call at 019-9699879 or Khair at 012-6497225.

We are open from Tuesday - Friday (8pm - 10pm, operating hours beginning 6pm only by request). While on the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) we are open from 10am - 3pm (operating hours after 3pm only by request).

We are also opening the registration for SCC Serie C which will be held on 25/6/2011 (Saturday) at SCC. As usual Limited to 40 paid registration. And as at this moment we have 10 players registered!