Saturday, October 08, 2011

U8 Winners At DATCC

I am at Datcc to discuss something about SCC Finale with ths chief, saw the games of U8 still ongoing, therefore waited for the closing ceremony.

I guess they are all having fun at the tourney coz to see the kids playing and running at the same time is something rare in any event..

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

SCC Serie E - Our Last Grand Prix of 2011 (22/10/2011)

The registration is still open for the Last Grand Prix which is Serie E to be held on 22/10/2011 - Saturday at SCC! Hurry up and register now!

We are looking for another 5 finalists and another 5 juniors/ladies to fill in the remaining spot!

Terms and condition still remain the same as our previous GP Series.

Top 5 will be invited exclusively to play in the Grand Finale which is to be held on 24th December 2011!

You can register now until 14th October 2011 with Khairunnisa' at 019-9699879. After 14th October kindly register with Khair at 012-6497225. You can choose to make payment by cash at SCC itself or to bank in your registration to MBB 106016376093 under name Khairunnisa Wahidduddin, and email me at or sms me your details. The fee is RM20 for Non Member and RM15 for Member of PCDK and KCK.

Monday, October 03, 2011

The One That Made it All Happened!

On the left is Pn Khor Got Hun - the person behind the chess movement in the school (I have been teaching there since 2009), together with her is Pn Lee Soo Cheng.

But of course many thanks to all my form 4 students that made the tourney a success! Thanks to Aiman, Alif, Rahman, Ng, Phuah, Denieall, Ko, Po, Fitri and Hafeez. I am so blessed to have such students like you guys! (incase if i missed any of your names, kindly let me know, coz i put your name at the

For full results click here

Pengetua SMKST

Tn Hj Asruddin B Hj Abas giving speech for the closing ceremony.

Closing Ceremony

Since this is the first event in the school, everybody was so excited to know the results!

3rd place

Muhd Shamsuri Mazelan from 1 smart

2011 Champion

Muhd Fikrie Khairul Muhsein of 2 smart. Congrats!!

2nd place

Harresh Anmpalagan from 2 smart

4th place

Ng Jian Yew from 1 smart

5th place

Ong Zhen Ye from 2 smart

6th place

Ng Chun Keat from 2 smart

7th place

Lee Jim Yuan from 2 smart

9th place

Khoo Wei Bin from 2 smart

8th place

Mohamad Haizal Firdaus from 1 smart

10th Place

Chester Cheung Yu Xuan from 2 smart.