Thursday, November 17, 2011

SCC Finale 2011 - The Selected Juniors

I have been having difficult time to select juniors to play in the Finale, mainly because I have 9 names in hand, but only 5 spot to fill in.

And I am having difficulty too because we dont have the time to hold the selection event. We are planning to have it on the 3rd December 2011, since it is the only available date, but who knows.. maybe i just include all the 9 juniors to be in the Finale, and have all 34 finalists.

The date of the Finale is scheduled on 24th December 2011 at SCC (my initial plan was to have it at a hotel, but since the robbery incident took place a month ago, i decided to cut cost and have it at SCC instead). I will make sure all the finalists to be as comfortable as much as I could at the centre, meaning refreshments will be provided for free at the centre.

Those who hails from outside of Kuantan and wish to have a place to stay, just let me know, i can try book a place for you at a nearby hotel. Around the SCC itself, we have the LA Hotel, next to it is a budget hotel, and next to that is Luxury Hotel. Or if you wish to stay in group, there's a homestay just behind the SCC.

I am looking forward for the Finale, not just as a player but as an organiser myself this is the first event that I organised that recognise the best of the best! The success of this event, will mean more tournaments and ideas coming up next for year 2012!