Monday, February 23, 2009


I think I need to make a statement here.

This blog is named Kelab Catur Setia Kuantan, is because it carries a lot of sweet memories for me with my siblings. I love the moments that I had with them, coz they are the true reason why I was national player, a former national champion. My siblings are the backbone for each of my successes in whatever that i am in with.

I like to write in my spare time, so I decided to have a blog of my own and Kelab Setia has always been in mind. Naming our team SETIA, We have won and conquered all local tournaments here in Kuantan. The trophys of Champions of Team tourneys, Pahang Closed Champions, Best Boards, etc, you named it, we had it all. But what i remember most is when we sticked up together and fight for a place in each tourney. We never get any automatic spot when it comes to play for Malaysia or to play for Pahang. We took part in any selection tournament ever held here.

Currently I am using this blog as an official site for Kelab Catur Kuantan, coz after all I am the one that is active blogging for the fans here. In future, Persatuan Catur Kuantan will have a site on its own. But right now, lets juz used this as a medium.

So, I do hope no more confusion regarding Kelab Catur Kuantan and Kelab Catur Setia Kuantan, as both are different, in name and its purposes.