Friday, August 03, 2007

Walking down the Memory Lane Again!

I haven’t write for so long now haven’t I…. :-)

Ok, my apology for those that have been dying to read my blog news…. (hahaha… not that dramatic, right!). I didn’t know that there are people out there that actually read my blog. Gosh! Now I felt so embarrassed… the life cycle and the stories that I put in it… (Oh! no I hope my former boss is not among them… oopps!!)

Actually, this blog is for me and few closed friends, I consider this blog to be my blog, kind off a personal thing… but, since I made it public (gee.. I am famous aren’t I, hahaha), so, I am determine to keep on writing, and writing… and who knows maybe there are people out there that interested in making my stories a movie (hehehe..).

The reason why I am excited to write this now (even though now I am busy and at the office exactly during office hours….sorry boss curi tulang for a moment...:-)). Just now I got a call from a very long lost friend, whom (again) I haven’t been seeing for more than 10 years!! That is a long years that passes by! Gosh!...

But this time I don’t feel like I am old, because in this case, he is the one who is older than me…!! Hahaha…it is a nice thing to hear his voice again, even after these years! So, how are you? How many kids at home now? (:-)) how is life?

I still remember him and his journal that he gave me and my sis to read, can’t remember which tournament. He documented each game he played with, and annotated the game, not exactly in a chess player way, but more like a story telling, that makes me feel relax and comfortable at reading… Nice work done by him! Hey, if you still have the journal, try publishing it.

I also remember the calculator, no… not a calculator, it is more like a digital dictionary, I think….. In which fascinate me… what fascinate me the most was the password. I knew it was the word “benoni” after the opening that he did mention but I still couldn’t unlock the code. Then he told me, it is because of the “o” in the word he spelled it with zero = 0.
Smart guy ha… because of that I started to think outside the box... not so straight thinking la…

Anyway, I wish him the best in everything, and hope to see him again someday… Cherio!