Saturday, August 28, 2010


Congratulations to the winners of Merdeka Rapid Open Individual 2010:

1st - GM Saidali Iuldachev (UZB) - 6.5 points
2nd - GM Gerhard Schebler (GER) - 6 points
3rd - FM Nicholas Chan (MAS) - 6 points (he won the last round against GM Marat)
4th - Jahongir Vakhidov (UZB) - 6 points
5th - IM Mok Tze Meng (MAS) - 5.5 points
6th - GM Ziaur Rahman (BAN) - 5.5 points
7th - Sutarno (INA) - 5.5 points
8th - GM Marat Dzhumaev (UZB) - 5 points
9th - IM Dzhurabek Khamrakulov (UZB) - 5 points
10th - FM Leonardo Carlos (PHI) - 5 points

Best U-16 - Evan Timothy Capel (MAS) - 5 points
Best U-12 - Yeoh Li Tian (MAS) - 4 points
Best Lady - WFM Nur Najiha Azman Hisham (MAS) - 4 points

Round 7 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Final Result!

Round 7 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pairing

On table 4 - Jahongir Vakhidov (Uzbek U-16 champ) won against IM Kevin Goh. He is now with 6 points in total!

Round 7 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pic

Pic left : Msian FM Nicholas Chan is fighting for a top ten placing. He is playing against GM Marat on table 2
Pic right : Table 1 - Dzhurabek vs Saidali (Saidali is the only one standing with 5.5 points, while 8 others are trailing behind with 5 points)

Pic left : Kamal Ariffin with 4 points vs Steve O'Reily also with the same score, playing on table 12.
Pic right : A former chess prodigy - Malaysia No 1 IM Mas vs current chess prodigy Yeoh Li Tian on Table 16 (both with 3.5 points)

Round 6 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Updates

Table 2 - FM Nicholas drew with IM Dzhurabek, and that makes them both with 5 points from 6 rounds.

Table 4 - Domagoj lost to IM Kevin Goh (Kevin with 5 points now)

Table 1 - Saidali won against Gerhard and that makes him 5.5 points from 6 rounds.

Table 3 - Marat won against Castellano (now Marat with 5 points too)

Table 5 - IM Mok drew with James Morris (both of them now 4.5 points)

Round 6 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pairing

Round 6 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pic

Pic left & right : the scenario of the tourney hall

Pic left : Table 2 - FM Nicholas Chan vs IM Dzhurabek Khamrakulov
Pic right : Table 1 - GM Saidali is challenging GM Gerhard. Gerhard is the only perfect scorer with 5 points after 5 rounds. While Saidali, Nicholas and Dzhurabek is training behind with 4.5 points.

Round 5 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Updates!

Table 1 - GM Gerhard Schebler won against GM Marat!

Table 5 - IM Kevin won against Kamal Arifin

Table 4 - IM Dzurabek won against Ian Udani.

On Table 3 - IM Mas lost to GM Saidali Iludachev.

In table 2 - FM Nicholas opt for a draw against FM Leonardo Carlos (PHI). In Table 6 - Msian Chess prodigy - Yeoh Li Tian lost to IM Mok Tze Meng.

Round 5 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pairing

Round 5 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pic

Pic left : the face (Ian Udani) made the upset against GM Ziaur
Pic right : Table 1 - both GM facing each other. GM Gerhard Schebler vs GM Marat Dzhumaev.

Round 4 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pic

Pic left : the young Jahongir Vakhidov
Pic right : GM Marat vs James Morris

Kamal Arifin vs FM Nicholas Chan (unfortunately my bro lost to Nicholas)

All the fav go thru round 5 as predicted. The only upset is the lost of GM Ziaur Rahman to to Ian Udani.

Round 4 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pairing

Only 6 players with perfect score 3 points and they are playing among themselves, while others are trailing behind with 2.5 points.

Round 3 Merdeka Rapid Individual - Pairing

**click to enlarge**

Round 3 Merdeka Rapid Individual

Pic left : Table 16 : Ng Ee Vern vs Sahapol Nakvanich (THA)
Pic right : in the middle is Nik Ahmad Farouqi who caused GM Ziaur to leave table 1

Pic left : Table 8 - Jimmy Ng (SIN) vs Jahongir Vakhidov (UZB)
Pic right : Table 1 - IM Dzhurabel (UZB) vs Sutarno (INA)

Pic left : Saprin Sabri and IM Mok beside him.
Pic right : Table 4 - Yeoh Chin Seng vs IM Kevin Goh (SIN)

Round 2 Merdeka Rapid Individu

Another upset, Nik Ahmad Farouqi drew with Ziaur Rahman. Other fav move to round 3 as predicted.

Merdeka Rapid Individu Starts Today (28/8/2010)

There are 106 players taking part in the Rapid event. Surprisingly there are 4 GMs, 5 IMs, 5FMs, 2 WFM and 1 WCM playing!

We have upsets in the event, Irfan Haqqim drew with GM Saidali Iuldachev and Ng Ee Vern drew too with Tin Jun Hao in the first round. Other fav goes to second round as predicted.

CItitel Hotel Midvalley Welcome The Players

The room set. The tables set. Clock set. Only waiting for the players to show up!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear All Chess Friends

Dear All my Chess Friends,

I will be at Cititel Hotel Midvalley Megamall Kuala Lumpur from 28th September - 7th September 2010. If you wish to donate any chess books, chess mags, etc to SCC Mini Library, you may do so, by reaching me at the hotel during the Malaysian Chess Festival.

Those that had donated, you have my deepest appreciation from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. As at to date we have collected 10 books from our generous Chess Friends.

I thank you again!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Announcement! - Setia Chess Centre (SCC)

Announcement :

SCC will be closing from 27th August until 17th of September 2010. SCC will open beginning on 18th September onwards. Chess classes will be as usual from the day onwards.

Opening Hours of SCC :
Monday - Friday : 6pm to 10pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10am to 6pm (will be extended to 12am upon request)
Public holidays : 10am to 6pm (will be extended to 12am upon request)

Entry fee (except for students of SCC Chess Classes and chess tournaments participants at SCC) is RM 5 per entry (with access to all facilities provided at the centre; chess sets + vinyl boards, chess clocks, chess books and free advise on chess from the experts). With as low as RM 5 visitors can organise their own chess sparring and mini tournament among them!

**entry fee is charged merely to cover the rental and utilities expenses, therefore, the fee will be charged if the visits is more than 1 hour, kindly bear in mind that SCC is a non profit centre, we are operating more on the interest of chess and for the interested chess fans**