Friday, August 14, 2009

2nd Kuantan Master Rapid Open 2009 - in SINAR HARIAN today!

Here goes the news of 2nd Kuantan Master Rapid Open / Junior 2009 in Sinar Harian published today August 14th 2009! Congrats to all the winners!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures of 2nd Kuantan Master 2009

Pic left : Category B in action! Mubin vs Sabrina (both wearing face mask in protection against H1N1)
Pic right : The leader of the Category A, Abdullah Che Hassan vs Fairul Yusof (TRG)

Pic left : Khairul Nazrin (TRG jr) vs Khairil Helmi (PHG jr)
Pic right : Abd Khalid Musa vs the recent Temerloh Champ - Nor Azmi Mohd Nor

Pic left : on the right you can see Muhammad Arshad (TRG) also taking part, besides him is Suwardi Andri (former Pahang Player in the early 90s)
Pic right : Presiden of Kelab - Kamal Azmi, besides him is Presiden TRG chess - Prof Abd Rahim Ramli, and besides him is Mohd Khair)

Pic left : The youngest participant in Category A - Zulkarnain Safri from Muadzam (the next National Junior perhaps?)
Pic right : Suwardi Aris Sidek wearing protection against H1N1 vs Azraai Othman

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Alhamdulillah! Kelab Catur Kuantan second tourney for this year has ended. Though just before the date of Kuantan Open, Kuantan had its first victim of H1N1 cases, and more schools and higher institution closed, And we finally have the new champion this year. Many people in and outside of Kuantan have come and gather in this tourney, and for that, as a tournament director, what can I say.... but a deepest appreciation from the bottom of my heart! With so many obstacle in running the event before... where we have it almost cancel, and during the first morning of the event, things got a little out of hands in the beginning. But later on, the event went out in accordance to our plan. As a token of that appreciation we put initiative to increase the prize a bit. Not that much, coz this is our first try in welcoming you guys to Kuantan, but there is an increase. Hope in the future we may make it big.

The champion in the open section not just got away with the cash prize of RM300 but also, an electronic Quran Handphone worth RM500. The second prize initially was RM100 cash, we increased to RM150, and so the rest of top 4. we also decided to give away hamper to the number 11th and 12th spot in the open section! And the champion for the Remaja Terbaik also received cash prize of RM100 and with his name carved on the challenge trophy. For category B, we added a little incentive by giving away top 3 placing a hamper, just to honour the achievement of the best top 3. Well, those are the additional prizes given, while the rest remains as what we promised... And not just about the prizes increased, but due to the H1N1 cases, and how we are concern about the safety of this gathering, free face mask is provided to all players and some parents too..

Our motto has been for the benefit of the players, we wish the players can gain something from each and every tourney we organised, that is why we are trying hard improve in many aspect of organising such event. Whatever comments posted in the shoutbox, either good or bad, we take it seriously and aiming our best in making everyone feels worth playing. I am a chess player too, so I know how it feels as a player, as I also know what a player needs. Hope in future we can have it bigger than before.. InsyaAllah..

A total of 69 players took part in the Open section and 36 players took part in the Category B (Under 12 & under 9 years).. I am very blessed for the number of participants... thank you for taking part guys!

Here goes the results :
Category B :
Consolation prize for youngest participant goes to Siti Balqis bt Norizan - aged 6 years old.

Under 9 Boys :
Champion - Muhammad Asyraf bin Razman
Second - Kirenraj Subhas Baghar
Third - Muhammad Ehsan Mazlan

Under 9 Girls :
Champion - Norfatinhah Nazri
Second - Siti Aisyah Norizan
Third - Siti Balqis Norizan

Under 12 Boys :
Champion - Mubin Nor Azmi
Second - Alif Hidayatullah Md Kail
Third - Muhammad Muzakkir Aiman Nazri

Under 12 Girls :
Champion - Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman
Second - Ummu Hani bt Safri
Third - Nor Wahida Zailan

The best of Categori B :
First - Mubin Nor Azmi - 6.5 points
Second - Alif Hidayatullah Md Kail - 6 points
Third - Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman - 5 points

Category A :
The best U-9 in Open Section - Zulkarnain Safri
The best Veteran - Nordin Othman

Under 15 Boys :
Champion - Izzat Abd Muhaimin B Jafri
Second - Mohd Ameersyah Adhwa
Third - Amirul Ilmi Mohd Rosli

Under 15 Girls :
Champion - Goh Xin Yen
Second - Nor Aina Syamimi Nazri
Third - Nor Saffa Syamimi Semaon

Under 20 Boys :
Champion - Muhammad Khairilhelmi Rosseli
Second - Sharif Mod Zaki
Third - Mohd Qhaider Zulkafli

The Best 2nd Kuantan Master Rapid Junior this year is :
Muhammad Khairilhelmi Rosseli (5 points) - He was also the champion the first edition last year. He brought home cash RM100 + Medal + Cert + Hamper + Celcom Starter Pack + his name on this year Challenge Trophy.

Open Section :
Champion - Abdullah Che Hassan (perfect 7 points!) - He brought home RM300 + Handphone worth RM500 + Medal + Cert + Hamper.
Second - Hamidi Taib - 6 points
Third - Abdul Khalid Musa - 5.5 points
Fourth - Mohd Khair - 5.5 points
Fifth - Muhammad Arshad - 5.5 points
Sixth - NM Kamal Arifin - 5.5 points
Seventh - Suwardi Andri Sidek - 5 points
Eighth - Sulaiman Johari - 5 points
Ninth - Effendi Zakaria - 5 points
Tenth - Mohd Khairul Nazrin - 5 points
Eleventh - Nor Azmi Mohd Nor - 5 points
Twelveth - Fairul Yussof - 4.5 points

Full results is published on Thanks to Muhammad Arshad from caturterengganu.blogspot who did that job!

And once again to all the players, the helpers (Nurul, Nordin, Fadzilah, Uma, Sathiarani, Kumara, Shin Wei, Tasya, plus all the volunteer helpers including en Nordin's children), the AJK's, and the sponsors.. Thank you so much!