Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Malay Open 2008 (9-10th Feb 2008)

Malay Open which ended on sunday 10th Feb 2008, was won by Abdullah Che Hassan, for full report visit Whitenaval's site at

To see the pic go to

(all the pictures are updated)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Searching For Pahang's OKU Chess Players!

For those with physical dissablities or visual impaired, kindly contact me. Pahang is looking for OKU chess players to compete in the coming Paralimpiad in KL this May 2008! Since our victory in chess in the last Para Games at Korat, we are looking forward to search more chess talents to be in the Malaysian Team for the coming Para Games in Laos 2009, Para Asia in Guangzhao in 2010 or maybe in this coming Paralympic 2008 at Beijing!

Come and join the team now! Coaching in Kuantan will be conducted by the trained individuals and there will be coaching conducted in Rompin for those who cannot make it to Kuantan. For those who wants to help the team, kindly give me a call too.

Where Art Thou?

I am feeling much better today, thank you. I know that this blog hasn't been updated. My apologies to the fans. For those asking... well here is the stories..

I was sick on monday right after the PCMM Open!.. And I have been sick for more than one week! The last time that I was really sick was when I was a teenager (and that was years ago!). I lost my appetite to eat, and that was the bad news ever! Because I love food and I like to eat and taste so many things.... Thinking about food made me starving already. I thought I was never going to get any better... and I started to feel depressed thinking that I can never play chess again... This was because, I can't think straight.. It took me hours just to do a simple accounting adjustment. I was truly depressed and upset.

Alhamdullillah... I feel better last thursday... and today I feel great! It is sunday.. and finally I get to be me and be lazy on my rest sunday! (heheheh)..

My apologies again to the fans... Now I can write again! Stick around for the latest info in chess!