Thursday, June 04, 2009

DATCC Chess League Round 7

I was at DATCC to do the coverage of National Closed 2009, until suddenly PCWM team captain - Roslina said, I had to play in round 7 against Pricewaterhousecoopers team, because other players like Nabila, Najihah, and Tan Li Ting are all tired after the NC event. Fully understood their situation, I said to captain, "why not!". And at the same time I am tired too. Being a spectator is much more tiring than playing the game yourself. By the time I got to Puduraya to wait for the bus home, I was exhausted and cant see very well.. all images were blurry last night. Luckily I get the sleep that I need on the bus.

We lost 0-4 to Pricewaterhousecooper. I lost to Cheah Cheuk Fong. I have played well, despite he is using Sicilian Scheveshnikov that I seldom bump to, but towards the endgame I made a wrong decision, and that cost me the game. Update can be found at the link - gilachess blog and Hairulov blog.

Future Champs!

Many parents when I approached and offered to teach their children, or often asking them to take their talented kids to outside chess competition, many said their children are too young to start chess, too young to play chess, too young to play outside competition, too, etc, etc, etc.. but honestly speaking they are wrong!

IM Mas Hafizul first started to learn the games at the age of 3 and first competition at the age of 6! The vietnamese boy who took part in the world U-8 chess championship representing Vietnam last year was only 4 years old, and his mother told the press, her son pick up chess at the age of 2! Imagine that!

The above are the few stories that should inspires all the parents out there, to give their talented kids the chance to get involved with games that is not only a sports but also a mind games that improves the academic result of a child. Taking for example the pass chess champs are now currently pursuing higher education in various fields, Wan Khye Theng (SEA Games, and Olympiad player) currently studying Physicology, FM Nicholas Chan (SEA Games Bronze Medalist and Olympiad player, also this year Selangor Open Champ) currently in the final year of Medical Degree, WIM Siti Zulaikha Foudzi and WCM Nur Shazwani Zullkafli (SEA Games and Olympiad player) also currently doing Medical Degree, the latest news I heard, FM Anas Nazreen Bakri, under the JPA scholarship will pursue Chemical Engineering at Tennassee USA University. Even IM Mas Hafizul also got Petronas Scholarship to pursue his studies in UK.

I felt the urgency to say this in my blog, because I have seen many talented players out there, with amazing talents but the parents couldnt care less to bring up the child talents in chess. Here are the few pictures taken at the recent National Closed 2009.

pic left : Subramaniam Sivanesan from Negeri Sembilan age 11. He is U-12 MSSM Negeri Sembilan Champ. His father said his son is so keen into chess that it forces the father to learn the game and teach him!
pic right : The little ones in action against the bigger opponent, do the scared? nope! they certainly enjoys the game so much!

pic left : Amier Hamzah on the left, against Chew Ee Sheng. Both parents were seen everyday at the scene giving support for their children in chess. Amier will play at the coming ASEAN age group next week!
pic right : Low Jun Keat, and Yeoh Li Tian next to next in this picture. Yeoh performance in NC is not impressive as everybody predicted (including me! sorry!) but yet he has proven, at the age of 10 he is the best in his U-12 group age, and often made surprises by beating stronger opponent (older to be precise). He was last two years no 4 in the world for U-8 world youth event!

Pic left : This kinda blurry pic were the final rounds between mother and daughter game. On the right is Olivia Madhavan. She is fortunate to have encouragement from both parents.
Pic right : Nur Sabrina Aliya is also fortunate to have a father who is also a player, but to my surprise she did not learnt chess from her father, but from her uncle back at Kampung!

pic left : This is 9 years old Nithyalaksmi Sivanesan the U-12 MSSM Negeri Sembilan for 2 years in a row. According to her father, she pick up just by watching her brother learn the game. The father is not a player, but learn how to play the game to teach chess to his son and daughter. The father search thru the net to find the best method to teach his children. Now he often took the children for training under trainers in KL.
Pic right : Nur Nabila age 12 has been playing chess since young age. As a player, the father often took all his children to chess competition whenever he played, later he didnt realised that his children, also pick up the games by watching the father move the pieces. He was so surprised when Nabila suddenly play the game. She is the strongest of her age and often representing Malaysia in various junior event!

pic left : This is Nur Najihah siblings of Nabila at the age of 10 years old, this saturday she is off to Vietnam for the ASEAN age group event.
pic right : Renitha Narayanan, pick up chess also at a young age, currently 17 years old, she is the pride of the family!

Pic left : NWM Alia Anin, currently 15, studying at Boarding School in Melaka, has the talent for the games at early age, she is currently holding the record for the winners of all under age group contended. She was the U-8 champ, U-10 champ, U-12 champ, U-14 champ, and U-16 champ. She planned to win the U-18 too and U-20 later on. She scored 5As in UPSR and planning for 8As in PMR.
pic right : You already who's who in this pic, the first time I saw Tan Li Ting was this year in MSSM U-12, I see a lot of potential in her, so, we decided to include her in our team for the DATCC Chess League. And that potential has brought her the NWM title holder this year! During NCW the father cant even sits down and kept moving back and forth waiting for her daughter to finish.

Watching all the parents at the NC, makes me wonder, can I see the same sacrifices and contributions too back home?

Kuantan Players at National Closed 2009

Pic left : In the final round Mohd Khair was paired against Tan Ken Wei, he won the game and was placed no 7th overall with 6 points from 9 games (initial seeding no 22), he lost to Lim Zhuo Ren, Nm Edward Lee, and Abel Yap.
Pic right : In the yellow shirt, Sharif Mohd Zaki was placed 43rd (initially seeding 50), taking home 3.5 points from 9 games in his frist NC debut. Though 3.5 points is a good enough as a start, but I still believe that Sharif can do a lot better.

Pic left : Asman Aminullah, also making his first debut in the NC, took home 3.5 points from 9 rounds and was placed 46th (initial seeding no 52).
Pic right : Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman age 10 years old, though she did not bring home any points, but I do believe she had the potential to do great, given proper training now for 2 years she will bring the challenge for the next NCW! She lost all to her seniors in the event, Pahang MSSM U-15 champ, the MSSM KL U-15 champs, MSSM U-18 Champs, and all others that are regular to chess competition. Many chess enthusiasist saw the potential and she was praised for playing hard to beat lass! Mr Collin even gave her Kids For Chess chess book as a gift with the words written - "the future champs". Thanks Collin!

This happy girl - Nur Farhana Atiqah scored 3 points from her 9 rounds games also in her first debut in the NCW. She took well the advises given during the games, but still she needs a lot of hard work if she were to compete again next year! next stop Farhana, GACC chess championship!

National Closed 2009 - The Challenge Trophy

The small size - The NWM Dato' Sabaruddin Trophy which was first introduced in 1992, with the first winner was NWM Nurul Huda Wahiduddin.

The bigger size (on the left) - The NM Tun Hussein Onn Trophy which was first lifted by NM Choo Min Wang in 1974.

The past winners' name will be crafted on these trophies, so that the next generation shall ever remember the past champions and thus they will remained the legend in the history of National Chess Championship!

Until next year, we shall see who will be the next NM and NWM!

National Closed 2009 - The Play-offs

Pic left : Evan Timothy Capel from Pulau Pinang, won against Mohd Hezri Che Aziz from Negeri Sembilan, therefore he took 7 points from 9 rounds.
Pic right : Next to finished, Lim Zhuo Ren with 7 points from 9 rounds after losing to NM Edward Lee.

Pic left : NM Edward Lee, he makes the play-offs happens!
Pic right : But if Abel Yap wins then there will be no play-offs, he will be the champ by half a points diff, but with tense battle playing White against Abdullah Che Hassan, comes to ending position where Abel was with 1 King and 3 pawns, while Abdullah was with 1 King + 1 Knight + 1 pawn. Abel thus makes a blunder where Abdullah check and fork Abel's King and Pawn. He later on resign, after calculating that the only surviving Abdullah's Pawn can be made Queen soon. With 6.5 points from 9 games that is the end of journey for Abel this year. And Abdullah make it to the play-offs with 7 points from 9 games.

The play-offs takes place at DATCC at 2.30pm. This pic was taken before the start of the first round. This is the double round robin (6 rounds) with time control of 25 min + 20 sec increment. The game ended at night, I think it was around 9.xx pm coz, I was still playing with my team for the DATCC Chess League tournament when I saw Evan with the NM Trophy.

Evan Timothy Capel emerged as the new NM in the series since the tourney was first introduced in 1974, makes NM Evan the 35th winner! The play-off concluded with Evan taking the first spot with 4.5 points out of 6 games, he won against Abdullah Che Hassan twice, win against Edward in first round and drew in the last encounter, lost first half to Lim Zhuo Ren and later win the second half.

NM Edward, making a comeback to be in the top spot despite the unsuspected loss he tumble upon in the 3rd rounds against KK Chan. He is second with 4 points in the play-offs. He lost to Capel once and drew twice, one with Capel in the second half and Abdullah Che Hassan in the first half. And won both game against Lim Zhuo Ren.

Lim Zhuo Ren finished with 3rd place and Abdullah Che Hassan finished with 4th place.

Mohd Saprin Sabri took home 5th place with 6.5 points from 7 games. He drew his last round game against fellow friend Kamaludin Yusof. Imagine if Saprin had won against Kamaludin, then he would be in the play-offs too!

National Closed (Women) 2009 - the winners

Pic left : Amira Syamina Zullkafli taking the 5th place in NCW 2009, taking the medal from MCF President - Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib.
Pic right : Winnie Hong - 4th place

Pic left : NWM Alia Anin Azwa Bakri, 2008 champs taking home 3rd place.
Pic right : Renitha Narayanan is happy with 2nd place.

**For full crosstable results click link Malaysian Chess Federation site**

National Closed (Women) 2009

NWM Tan Li Ting

I am back here in Kuantan now, in the office as usual. But yesterday National Closed final day will not be forgotten. This is the first time, I felt excited to know the final result, because at the very end, final rounds or the play off is decided. Unlike last year, the sure winner takes home the title before the final round started.

Renitha who won her final game against another Johorian, Kwan Tze Yeung, is looking good with her 6.5 points from 9 rounds. She is for sure hoping for Haslindah to won her game or at least drew her game against Tan Li Ting. Because both of them (Renitha and Tan Li Ting have met during the course of the NCW 09, therefore no play-offs shall be play, since the PE is there to decide). But her hope dashed when Haslindah made a blunder giving one piece up for Tan Li Ting. Finally Tan Li Ting won her game. She ended with her 6.5 points but with better tie-break!

Congratulations to Tan Li Ting for not just being the youngest NWM, but also for joining the club of the series NWM champ! now we ladies have added one more member for the NWM title. Past champs are : 1990 - Audrey Wong, 1991- Nurul Huda Wahiduddin, 1992 - Nurul Huda Wahiduddin, 1993 - Eliza Hanum Ibrahim, 1994 - Roslina Marmono, 1995 - Khairunnisa Wahidduddin, 1996 - Eliza Hanum Ibrahim, 1997 - Eliza Hanim Ibrahim, 1998 - Eliza Hanum Ibrahim, 1999 - Siti Zulaikha Foudzi, and she won the title until year 2006! (that is a record yet to be broken), 2007 - Nur Shazwani Zullkafli, 2008 - Alia Anin Azwa Bakri, and 2009 champ - Tan Li Ting!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NC Play-offs updates

The double round robin play-offs kick off at 2.30pm today. All 6 games will concluded today. Probably at midnight.. wow! the players sure are very tired after the grueling hours of NC event, and only the one with endurance can take the NM title at the end.

Lim Zhuo Ren match with Evan Timothy Capel ended with Lim won the game. Edward Lee vs Abdullah Che Hassan ended with a draw. Evan vs Abdullah, the game ended with Evan winning the game. Lim Zhuo Ren vs Edward, the game ended in a winning for Edward.

The players are still battling at the moment for the third round..

National Closed Updates

I am at DATCC reporting for the National Closed Chess Championship 2009. This is interesting! Who would have thought NWM this year will goes to Tan Li Ting. THe youngest NWM title holder! She is only 11 years old (I reported she is 9 before, sorry, the real fact she is 11 years old). Since she was born on 8th September 1998, that makes her the youngest. Because, Siti Zulaika who won it 10 years ago in 1998 was also 11 years old, but she was born on 1st May 1988. Only about 4 months separation, and Siti's record is finally broken. What can I say, welcome to the club Tan Li Ting!

Surprises for the NM title competition is not for sure belongs to Lim Zhuo Ren, surprise surprise! Lim lost to Edward, Abel lost to Abdullah Che Hassan, Evan Capel won. So, 4 players with 6 points going for the play off - NM Edward, Abdullah, Evan and Lim Zhuo Ren!

MCF decided to have the closing first, so I'll update the NM results later!

National Closed - Round 8 & 9

I am at DATCC at Kompleks wilayah KL during this round 9. I have been here since round 8 to watch the event closely. I am so anxious to know who is leaving with the NWM and NM title this year. Though Lim Zhuo Ren look convincing to win the NM title since he is in the lead with 7 points out of 8 rounds, but he needs to be careful and win his next round or else Abel Yap is just behind with 6.5 points might catch up.

Let me update the readers with the results of round 7 first of Pahang players. Mohd Khair lost third in a row, and this time to NM Edward Lee, while Sumant lost to Saprin. Sharif Zaki won against Ahmad Faizal, and Asman lost Shyreyes Subramiam, making a blunder in a good position.

While the Ladies, both Farhana and Nur Sabrina lost their games.

Round 8, Mohd Khair defeated Masrin Erowan from Sabah, Sumant won against Yeoh Li Tian, Asman drew against Amir. And Sharif lost to Shahbudin Soki.

At the moment that I am writing this, Mohd Khair won his 9th round game against Tan Ken Wei, leaving the National Closed with 6 points from 9 rounds. Sharif Mohd Zaki also won against his opponent from Penang and leaving the National Closed with 3.5 points from 9 rounds. Asman and Sumant still playing.

The National Closed (W) section, Sabrina lost her 9th game, and Farhana won her final rounds. While Sarika looks strong to win her last game against Latifah Kaiyisah.

What a surprised, as I was in the middle of updating this, NM Edward just won against Lim Zhuo Ren!!!!

Pictures will be updated soonest I am back at home...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

National Closed - Round 7

Round 6 results :
Mohd Khair lost his game again, and this time it is Abel Yap. It is the end of journey for the NM title, but definitely not over yet for at least improving his spot and his future FIDE rating.
Sumant won against Ismail Ahamd, he is now with 4.5/6.
Sharif Zaki lost to Subramaniam Sivanesan, he is now with 1.5/6.
Asman lost to Razali Hamzah, he is now with 2/6.

Next round, NM Edward Lee will face Mohd Khair, while Mohd Saprin is up against Sumant, Sharif vs Ahmad Faisal and Asman against Shreyes Subramaniam.

It seems that our future NM 2009 shall belongs to Lim Zhuo Ren, so far up to 6 rounds he is still unbeaten after he is 6th round won against Abdullah Che Hassan. He is looking good to take the title if he won this 7th round against Evan Capel. If he is the next NM, he is taking the title at the age of 17 years old. Evan and Abel Yap are behind him with 5 points, while Jax Tham, Saprin, Sumant, and Tan Ken Wei are following closely with 4.5 points.

In the National Closed (W), in round 6, Sarika won against Nur Najiha, While Farhana won against Nur Sabrina. In the next round, Sarika is up against Renitha Narayanan, Chew Eewen vs Farhana, and Nur Munirah vs Nur Sabrina.

Tan Li Ting the 9 years old from KL is looking good to win the NWM title this year, since she is up the front unbeaten with 5.5/6, standing alone as the sole leader, the deciding game will be the result between her and last year NWM Alia Anin from Melaka with 4 points also unbeaten. Renitha on 2nd spot at the moment with 4.5 points, while Sarika, Amira and Winnie followed closely with 4 points.

This year National Closed saw an unpredictable result in both Section! But as usual, only the one that fit during the entire gruelling hours of playing will survive at the end!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Result Batu Gajah Open 2009

pic left : Ian Udani the champ of Batu Gajah Open 2009
pic right : there we have it the arbiter of national closed goes missing yesterday appeared to be here in at Batu Gajah Open, hehehe next to him is NM Zarul Shazwan.

**results and pictures courtesy of tournament arbiter - Cikgu Asmah Ahmad Hambadley. Thanks a lot!

National Closed - round 6

in round 6 -
Mohd Khair vs Abel Yap
Sumant vs Ismail Ahmad
Razali vs Asman
Sivanesan vs Sharif Zaki

Sarika vs Najihah
Sabrina vs Farhana

Lim Zhuo Ren looks solid with full 5 point in hands. He is leading the pack, next round he will be paired against Abdullah Che Hassan who is 4.5 points after beating Kamaludin. Khair is in the third position playing against Abel Yap. Hope all Kuantan players win in the round.

In the NCW section, the contenders for NWM title looks open for grab, with Nabila who unsuspectedly lost to Winnie Hong. Tan Li Ting is leading the pack with 4.5 from 5 rounds playing against Winnie who is 4 points, while the rest likes NWM Alia, Nabila, Amira Syamina and Renita follow closely with 3.5 points. Both Kuantan players are set to meet against each other. But still, all the best to the players!

National Closed 2009 - round 5

I am here in Kuantan while the players are at the National Closed event, once again my heart is not at the office, and yet I have an urgent task to complete so that I can take leave to watch the final rounds of National Closed 2009.

Just got a call from Khair, informing me he lost to Zhuo Ren, I know it was an upsetting moment for him right now, coz he lost so easily, wrong opening choice I think! But still there is hope....

All the best to the players!

updates of round 5 :
Mohd Khair - 4/5
Sumant - 3.5/5
Asman - 2/5
Sharif - 1.5/5

Sarika - 3/5
Farhana - 1/5
Sabrina - 0/5

National Closed 2009 - Round 4 pictures

Khair won against Fadli Zakaria in round 4, he is now in the lead with Lim Zhuo Ren who won against Abel Yap. Khair will play with Zhuo Ren in the fifth round on 1st June 2009. Sumant drew, so he is now 2.5/4, Sharif now with 1.5/4, Asman now 1/4.

In NCW 2009, Farhana with 1/4, while Nur Sabrina is yet to score a point.

National Closed 2009 - Round 3 pictures

Round 3, Khair is doing great by beating Kamaludin Yusof, so he is 3/3, Sumant is behind with 2/3, Sharif with 1.5/3, while Asman 1/3. In NCW 2009, Sarika with 2/3, Farhana with 1/3, while Nur Sabrina is yet to score point.

pic left : Farhana against Latifah Kaisyah playing in the Office room. They were shift to play in the room because of the shining morning light from the sun affect their vision on the board.
pic right : the scene of the NC 2009

pic left : the scene of the top table of NC 2009
pic right : the scene of NCW 2009.

pic left : Khair against Kamaludin.
pic right : Saprin against Lim Zhuo Ren, while in the Orange shirt is Kamaludin

pic left : Abdullah Che Hassan vs Evan Capel, both agree for a draw.
pic right : Asman on the left finally won his first game.

pic left : Sharif won in this game.
pic right : Sumant in action.

pic left : An upset in the third round, KK Chan won against NM Edward Lee
pic right : Saprin against Lim Zhuo Ren, honestly I dont understand why Saprin makes so many sacrifices the game, and later lost to Zhuo Ren.

pic left : Sabrina against Vicki Hong
pic right : Tan Li Ting drew against Nabila, all the 3 boards drew their games.