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Mega Village 4th Kuantan Rapid Junior Chess Masters 2012 (Sunday - The results)

Here are the results :
U10G :
1st - Nur Atierah Abdul Manan
2nd - Wan Adalia Rasya Ayib Rosdi
3rd - Nurul Najihah Mohd Amri

U10B :
1st - Muhd Hijaz Abdullah
2nd - Zulkarnain Safri
3rd - Muhd Harith Fahmi Mohd Radzuan

U12B :
1st - Muhd Hazid Ekquan Mohd Haruddin
2nd - Muhd Asyraf Razman
3rd - Meor Airil Rahimi Ayib Rosdi

U16G :
1st - Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman
2nd - Nur Aina Syamimi Nazri
3rd - Ummu Hani Safri

U16B :
1st - Muhd Harith Farhan Mohd Radzuan
2nd - Muhd Nur Ashraf Noorman
3rd - Kuhan Ganesan

U20G :
1st - Nur Amalina Alyaa Mohd Ridzal
2nd - Halimahtuss Saadiah Rosdin

U20B :
1st - Muhd Khairilhelmi Rosseli
2nd - Umar Mukhtar Umar Shukri
3rd - Izzat Abdul Muhaimin Jafri

Overall :
Champion - Muhd Khairilhelmi Rosseli
2nd - Umar Mukhtar Umar Shukri
3rd - Izzat Abdul Muhaimin Jafri

Congratulations to all winners! Hope to see you all next year!

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Mega Village 4th Kuantan Rapid Junior Chess Masters 2012 (21/10/2012 - Sunday)

Everybody think it is a mission impossible, and yes i did not get the 100 players as wish, and yes it was a small crowd of Juniors but it was worth it!

i dont think i want to have more players if i could get small group of players with a good quality of games played! Next year i hope i could get better budgets and better length of time to prepare for the event, so that i could do two days instead of one day for the last 4 series!

We have in the house a majority of our top Junior players! we have our National Junior Nur Sabrina, we have the series past year champ - Khairilhelmi and Qhaider, we have our 7th placing in Melaka International Challenger section - Asyraf Razman, and not juz that we have our under 12 regular player who juz got his ratings shoot to 1502! not juz that we have as young as 5 years old playing! Gosh! its a blessing indeed! Alhamdullillah! and the best of all, we are having the tournaments at the best environment ever! MS Garden Hotel (thanks to Nura and Khusairi for making it happened). And i dont think i could ve done it without the help of my family (my sis came home all the way from Muadzam Shah to help me out, and my bro who wasnt well was there too with his wife, and my busy elder sister who shud be at home for his son SPM exam was there too, thanks so much), thanks to Farhana who took time off to help me with arbitration, thanks to En Asman who has been so kind to help me put with the Protocol, press and high tea with the YB Dato, thanks to Pn Hamidah who has helped me a lot with the sponsorship for the event, and thanks also to all AJK, parents, teachers and players for making this event worth it (i almost forgot the days before the event i was sleepless and hardly have to time to rest and eat juz to make sure everybody happy.) Also thanks to Nik Farouqi for the support given!

The crowd of players!
Seen in pic : Alif Imran vs Airil, with next to Alif is Izzat Muhaimin
On the right, we have Nur Sabrina.
The banner designed for this event
The battle between Muhd Farhan vs Muhd Haziq.
Our top seed - Muhd Khairilhelmi who was also the past year champ (2008 & 2009) and he also holds the record for becoming the youngest ever to win the trophy.

On board 2 - Izzat Muhaimin was up against Nur Sabrina Aliya
The VIPs for the event, VP En Asman Aminullah, Presiden - En Kamal Azmi explaining something to YB Dato Abd Manan who came to the event for the closing ceremony, watching them are Pn Hamidah and Razman Maulot both are the AJK of Persatuan.

Seen in pic is Kuhan against Nur Sabrina
YB Dato seems to be very interested in the event.
In the final rounds, the battle between Shariff Zaki (4/5) against Khairilhelmi (5/5). Sharif cause and upsets when he beats Khairilhelmi in the final!
On board 2, to decide who gets the top prizes, it is between Izzat Muhaimin and Muhd Asyraf. And Izzat won the game.
Also in the final round, it was between, Muhd Qhaider vs Hazid (won by Hazid), and between Umar (next to Hazid) vs Yusuff Ismail (hidden), the game was lasted until seconds remaining and Umar won the game.
Saiful Imran seen in pic is up against Airil in the last round,
Another intense battle in the last round
The game betwwen Umar and Yusuf were the last to finish and YB Dato is taking interest and took pic of the game. Seen in pic - Nik Ahmad Farouqi. Thanks Nik for the support! Really appreciate it!
Our honorary VIPs
YB Dato making his speech (oh well, a politician will always be a politician whenever he may be, in anyway Dato, care to sponsor our event next year?)
All is excited for the prizes in the closing ceremony

3rd place for best U12B - Meor Airil Rahimi Ayib Rosdi (aged 11)
2nd place for best U12B - Muhd Asyraf Razman (aged 12)
1st place for best U12B - Muhd Hazid Ekquan Mohd Haruddin (aged 11)
3rd place for U16G - Ummu Hani Safri (aged 13)
2nd place for U16G - Nur 'Aina Syamimi Nazri (aged 16)
1st place for U16G - Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman (aged 13)
2nd place for U16B - Mur Nur Ashraaf Noorman (he is from Kuala Lipis) (aged 13)
1st place for U16B - Muhd Harith Farhan Mohd Radzuan (aged 13)
3rd place for U10G - Adik Nurul Najihah Mohd Amri (aged 5)
2nd place for U10G - Wan Adalia Rasya Ayib Rosdi (aged 8)
1st place for U10G - Siti Nur Atierah Abd Manan (aged 8)
3rd place for U10B - Muhd Harith Fahmi Mohd Radzuan (aged 8)
2nd place for U10B - Zulkarnain Safri (aged 10)
1st place for U10B from Kuala Lipis - Muhd Hijaz Abdullah (aged 10)
2nd place for U20G - Halimahtuss Saadiah (aged 19)
1st place for U20G - Nur Amalina Alyaa (aged 17)
3rd place for U20 and 3rd place overall - Izzat Abdul Muhaimin Jafri (aged 18)
2nd place for U20 and 2nd place overall - Umar Mukhtar Umar Shukri (aged 19)
1st place for U20 and the overall Champion. He will have his name crafted at the Challenge Trophy - Muhd Khairilhelmi Rosseli (despite losing in the last round)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top Leaders in Mega Village 4th Kuantan Rapid Junior Chess Masters 2012 (21/10/2012)

Both with 4/4, Muhd Khairilhelmi against Muhd Yusuf Ismail in round 5. Khairilhelmi was the champion for 2008 & 2009. The only person standing in the way is Yusuff who was MSSPahang champion this year.