Saturday, August 08, 2009

2nd Kuantan Master - List of players

sorry, a little later now that i can only upload. Kategory B, will be upload much much later..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2nd Kuantan Master Rapid Open 2009 - IS CONFIRMED!

There have been more and more cases of H1N1 recently in Pahang, and more and more schools and few higher education institution have been closed due to the outbreak. For the moment I was paused and our Kuantan Open was almost at the point where it shall be postponed or worst cancelled! I had never ever as a tournament director cancelled an event that I announced to be held! Luckily for me...

After a long hard fought among AJK during the meeting last night at the presiden's house, it is now concluded, the tourney is ON as usual, but will be at the different venue. Kelab is willing to take the risk of having less participants than submit to the fact of no tourney at all! Because, once a promise is made, then it is a promise to keep!

However, those who have yet to register, kindly do so soonest possible because this time we are going to limit the participants. The closing date will be extended until 5pm on 7th August 2009 (friday).

Prizes will be the same as offered but the group category might have a slight changes where we might merge the two categories together, but the prizes will be given to the best under age group category as promised!

Tourney : 2nd Kuantan Master Rapid Open 2009
Date : 8th August 2009
Venue : Dewan KRT Berjaya Permai (not far from the original venue - SMK Sungai Soi)

All the best!