Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Visit to KL Open 2009

Still in chess fever after Malaysian Chess Festival ended in August, I decided to have my buka puasa with my chess friends while enjoying the round 4 games at KL Open 2009. It was held at Shah Village Hotel in Petaling Jaya. Not far from Taman Jaya LRT station, and from Amcorp Mall. Today is the last of the 9 round swiss system. Not many players taking part this year, only about 56 players. Though it was held after Malaysian Open, but not many foreigners stay back to play at KL Open, I guess at the same time too many tourneys is on going. I see improvements in this year KL Open. Last year, the scoresheet is just a photocopy piece of paper, but this year I see the carbonised score sheet is used. I saw Andrew, so, maybe this year we can see the bulletin of the games printed to players. Last year, there were no time increment, but this year the organiser used increment digital clock (and by the way, it is the same as being sold at this site dgt 2010). I am only there for the round 4, and the place is quite small too (coz not many players I guess), so, I cant take many pictures as walking around seems to make the players uneasy. Here are pictures that I managed to snap..

pic left : unrated MAS - Abdul Haq Muhammad after round 8 he won 3 games and drew 2 games = 4/8.
pic right : Haslindah Ruslan (MAS) - 1698
. After 8 rounds, she is with 2.5 points. In round 8 she drew against Ismail Ahmad.

Pic left : Ismail Ahmad (MAS) - 2089. He is with 2.5 points from 8 games. His performance in this tourney is not much like what the rest of us expected... probably, the fatique from recent DATMO does affect ones game.
Pic right : NWM Tan Li Ting (MAS) - unrated. She is with 2.5/8. Not bad!

Pic left : NM Edward Lee (MAS) - 2089 vs WIM Nafisa Muminova (UZB) - 2320 .In this game Nafisa won against Edward. Edward is currently 4.5/8.
Pic right : Yellow shirt is Jafar Sofyan (INA) - unrated, and next to him our filipino Ian Udani - 2241, who has been doing well in KL Open including beating IM Tirto, but unfortunately at round 7 he lost to 13 years old, Masruri Rahman (INA) - rated at 1987! He is now with 4.5/8

Pic left : Najib Wahab - He is normally known as the arbiter of Malaysian Open.. infact he has been doing that the past 2 - 3 years now. But I was surprised when I saw him play at KL Open! Wonder what on earth struck him to take part? :-)) though he hasnt play for so many years, but he got a good result too! 4/8! Not bad huh for an arbiter turn player.. :-))
pic right : the scenery of KL Open 2009.

Pic left : IM Dede Liu (INA) - 2419
Pic right : IM Tahir Vakhidov (UZB) - 2520

Masruri Rahman (INA) - 1987. He was my opponent at the recent Merdeka Team. Aged 13, but he is a very good player. The next Indonesian GM perhaps?

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The final round pairings :

Round 9 on 2009/09/08 at 1430

NameRtgPts. ResultPts.
11GMNguyen Ngoc Truong Son 2589
6 GMDzhumaev Marat 25323
22GMThien Hai Dao 25426
6 GMMegaranto Susanto 25274
37IMBitoon Richard 2490
IMVakhidov Tahir 25205
416FMPak Yevgeniy 2348
GMIuldachev Saidali 25196
511CMVan Huy Nguyen 24145
CMNguyen Hoang Nam 232919
68GMNguyen Anh Dung 24545
5 FMChan Wei Xuan Timothy 236314
717FMMahmud Syarif 23475
5 IMIrwanto Sadikin 24299
818FMChan Yi-Ren Daniel 23405
5 IMLiu Dede 241910
932WIMMendoza Beverly 20605
IMTirto 240712
Tolentino Rustum 2362

Panggabean Hasian 222624
1120WIMMuminova Nafisa 2320

Rahman Masruri 198735
1222IMShetty Rahul 2270
CMFarid Firman Syah 220726
Lee Kim Han Edward 2089

Udani Ian 224123
Foo Benjamin 20374
4 FMWahono Awam 239313
M. Vivek 16614
4 CMNeubronner Jarred 222025
Eng Andre-Jerome 20894
Mohamed Abdul Haq 053
Abdul Wahab Najib 04

Kalugampitiya R.S. 213128
Sathiyanarayanan R V 1822
IMGokhale Chandrashekhar 228421
Neubronner Shannon Scott 2050

Jafar Sofyan 052
2040WFMDewi A. A. Citra 1931
WCMMedina Warda Aulia 195038
Legaspi Edmundo 21583
Dissanayake R.d.a.c. 181143
Ferdiman Tersiman 19793
Tanda Joni 057
Wong Jianwen 17633
Biswajit Bharadwaj 192041
Chan Yi Jun Timothy 1594
Virda Riska Aulia 058
Ismail Ahmad 2089
WCMSihite Chelsie Monica 198636
Oentoro Djoni 0

Haslindah Ruslan 169847
Chen I-Chen 17151

Tan Li Ting 056
Tan Fischer 01
Abedin Md. Jaynul 194739
Lee Kai Jie Edward 17630 0

not paired

Chan Kim Keng 00 0

not paired

My prediction - the top boards would probably agree for a quick draw, while the rest will fight for the top ten prizes.

Best Malaysian so far is NM Edward Lee (4.5) will play against Ian Udani. Hmm.. this would be interesting! Abd Haq (4) will play against Singaporean Jerome Eng. The arbiter turn player - Najib Wahab (4) is up against Kalugampitya from Sri Lanka. Wong Jianwen (3) vs Biswajit, Ismail Ahmad (2.5) vs Monica (INA), Haslindah (2.5) vs Djoni (INA) - he is the manager of Sekolah Catur Utut Adianto, Tan Li Ting (2.5) vs Chen-I-Chen (TPE).

Hope the last rounds produce better results for the Malaysians!