Sunday, March 04, 2012

SCC GP Serie A 4th March 2012 (Sunday)

It was a hectic day of my life as i had to go back and forth from hospital to centre to home, it was very tiring day for me. As promises has been made, and players from all around came to participate, I couldnt simply cancel the event. The event had to go on has plan. Many thanks to my brother Khair for helping out with the event, acting as the arbiter and player at the same time. Many thanks to all the players, spectators whom understood my situation. I thank you for being patience thru out the event.

My sincere apology to all for any hiccups that occur as this is the first time the centre was really crowded with a total of 52 participants (1 pulled out last min, she was down with fever according to her father).

For this Serie A GP, the champion was also the last year champ Serie A - our National Master Kamal Arifin Wahidduddin.

Second place is the new finalist for FINALE 2012 - Muhammad Arshad from Terengganu who caused an upset by beating second place last year Serie A - Kamaluddin Yusof.

Third is - Mohd Khair Wahidduddin who drew twice with NM Kamal and Muhammad Arshad.

We welcome new finalist FINALE 2012 who came Fourth - Syazrin Abdul Rahman

Fifth place is - Kamal Azmi Wahiduddin

Congrats to all finalist, you are all banned from taking part in any remaining GP Series. I shall see you all FINALE 2012.

Best U12 - Muhd Asyraf Razman
Best U16 - Nur Sabrina Aliya
Best Ladies - NWM Nurul Huda

For juniors U-16 and Ladies in order to qualify all of you need to play at least 3 GP Series, and you must score in all those series too. We are going to pick only 5 players from this category.

For full result you can check at

SCC GP Serie A 4th March 2012 (Sunday)

The name list of players can be access from the

All results will be posted and uploaded at the site.

My sincere apology for the late posting on the names.

1st round will start as usual at 9am!

All the best! and I will see you all there!