Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Tournament Line up!

The Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Centre (DATCC) at Wilayah Kompleks in Kuala Lumpur will be organising 2 FIDE rated events! FIDE rated events in Malaysia again?! Whoa! that sure satisfy the hunger for Malaysians to pursue FIDE rating. Tournament will begin this saturday (14/11/2009). For more details click here

Then on 28/11 - 5/12/2009, the annual GACC International Inter Varsity Chess Championship. Open only to University students all over Asia. This is also FIDE rated event. Hope my students will prepare and give all out (though without training from me.. huhuhu )

On 29/11/2009 - The Skudai Giant Chess Competition is coming up! Click here

I think it is not going to slow down this year end, coz even during Raya Haji there will still be tourney going on that day! Click here to find out more about the event.

Those who is interested to listen to a chess seminar titled "Sicilian Dragon" by IM-elect Lim Yee Weng, it will be held at DATCC this sunday 15th Nov 2009, during a break of DATCC chess league. Details can be found here

All the best to those participating! :-))

What's Up?

Many have been asking where have I been, and the blog seems to be crowded with cobweb now (hahaha).... I am terribly sorry! Really Sorry! As I mentioned earlier, I will be busy when the new system at the office is install, and indeed I am too busy to even play a game of chess by myself or to participate in any chess competition.

I have so many things to write and share with all the readers. My opinion about whether titles of women player should be abolished or not, the recent FIDE ratings, update of local chess tournaments, or perhaps about one interesting email in the chess-malaysia yahoo group posted by a chess friend (you can click gilocatur link)...

I shall try to write that one thing at a time.. at least you wont get bored waiting for news from me.. :-))