Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The tournament was jointly organised by NWM Khairunnisa' W on behalf of chess fans in Kuantan and Chess Club of SMK Cenderawasih. It was held at SMK cenderawasih Kuantan on 5th August 2007 with 7 rounds swiss systems to play. The tournament organisers are proud to announce that we manage to attract 167 participants from Kuantan, and few players from outside Kuantan. The chief arbiter for the event was En. Muhamad Arshad from Terengganu, assisted by Fadzilah W and Cikgu Tee Bee Lian. Khairunnisa W was the tournament director of the event, helped by fellow volunteers; Cikgu Fakri, Cikgu Zuharuddin, Pn Aida, Muhammad Luqmanhakim, and students from SMK Cenderawasih - Ng Chin Boon, Tiong Cheng Han, Wong See Ling, Ong Tion Leong, Woo Hui Shon, Tiong Lee Guo Sheng, dan Thusalini.

The venue was at 3 classrooms on ground floor at the school, this is also to give way for one wheel-chaired player from Jerantut, Daniel Lee to play.

The tournament was divided into 2 groups – Group A and Group B. Group A are for players competing for prizes offered for Open Category, Junior U-20 Boys and Girls, and U-16 Boys and Girls. While Group B are for players competing for prizes in category U-12 Boys and Girls, and U-9 Boys and Girls. A total player for Group A is 104, and Group B is 63 players.

Here are the results:

U-12 Boys
Champ : Anis Nadzar (6 Points) – SK Sg Isap, Kuantan
Second : Ameerul Ilmi Mohd Razali (6 Points) – SK Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan
Third : Wan Abdullah Yusri (6 Points) - SK Sg Isap, kuantan
Fourth : Mohd Ameer Shah Adwa (6 points) - SK Sg Isap, Kuantan
Fifth : Mohd Nabil Nazmi Abd Hamid (5.5 points)- SK Beserah, Kuantan

U-12 Girls
Champ : Effah Fazeera (5 Points) - SK Beserah, Kuantan
Second : Umairah Natasya M. Omeershffudin (4.5 pts)- SK Bukit Sekilau, Ktn
Third : Nurul Asyikin Mohd Sofi (4.5 pts) - Muadzam Shah, Pahang
Fourth : Nurwani Mohd Fakri (4 pts) - SK Mat Kilau, Kuantan
Fifth : Fatin Husna (4 pts) - SK Beserah, Kuantan

U-9 Boys
Champ : Kuhan Ganesan (3.5 pts) - SK Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan
Second : Kieranraj Subhas Baghar (3.5 pts) - Tadika Sri Ayu, Kuantan
Third : Mohd Fitri Shah (3.5 pts) - SK Tunku Azizah, Kuantan
Fourth : Rajeev Rao (3.5 pts) - SK St Thomas, Kuantan
Fifth : Mukund Suresh (3.5 pts) - SK St Thomas, Kuantan

U-9 Girls
Champ : Nurhasya Mohd Fakri (3.5 pts) - SK Mat Kilau, kuantan
Second : Hana Nabila Hairul (2.5 pts) - SK (P) Methodist, kuantan
Third : Nurfatin Mohd Fakri (2.5 pts) - Taski Al-Huda, Kuantan
Fourth : Hemansankarry Rajasegaran (2.5 pts) - SK Assunta, Kuantan
Fifth : Nur Sabrina Asman (2 pts) - SK Teruntum, Kuantan

All winner received medal + certs. Best Junior Group B won by Anis Nadzar, he received hamper for his effort. While Best Girl Group B was won by Effah Fazeera, she received hamper sponsored by WSFFM.

For Group A, it was a tough competition; many were fighting to be crowned the first Kuantan Master. But it was won by Mohd Khair Wahidduddin.

Kuantan Master Junior won by Muhammad Khairilhelmi, he received hamper for his effort. Best Junior Ladies was won by Izzat Atma Sari, while Best Ladies was won by Nurul huda Wahiduddin, both received hamper sponsored by WSFFM.

Here are the results

Open Category

Champ : Mohd Khair Wahidduddin (6.5 points)
Second : Hamidi Taib(6.5 points)
Third : Suwardi Andri Sidek (6 Points)
Fourth : Sulaiman Johari (6 Points)
Fifth : Nurul Huda Wahiduddin (6 points)
(Winners received medal + cash prize + certs + hamper)
Sixth : Donny Sudarno (6 points)
Seventh : Nordin Md Yamin ((5.5 points)
Eighth : Abd Majid Ahmad (5 points)
Ninth : Abd Khalid Musa (5 Points)
Tenth : Kamal Azmi Wahiduddin (5 Points)
(Winners received hamper + Certs)

U-20 Boys
Champ : Teh Jay Kie (5 pts) - SMK Tanah Putih, Kuantan
Second : Muhd Zulkarnain Zulkifli (4.5 pts) - Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Third : Kumaraguru Poobalan (4 pts) - SM Abd Rahman Talib, ktn
Fourth : Lim Keow Fei (4 pts) - SMK Tok Sera, Kuantan
Fifth : Ahmad Helmi Abd Rahman (4 pts) - MRSM, Kuantan

U-20 Girls
Champ : Izzat Atma Sari (4 pts) - SMK Bukit Rangin,Kuantan
Second : Izza Hasrina Ismail (4 pts) - MRSM, Kuantan
Third : Khairunnisa Abd Rahim (3.5 pts) - SMK Cenderawasih, ktn
Fourth : Nor Zahirah Abd Ghani (3.5 pts) - SMK Cenderawasih, ktn
Fifth : Nur Izzati Nizza (3 pts) - MRSM, Kuantan,

U-16 Boys
Champ : Muhamad Khairilhelmi (5 pts) - SM Abd Rahman Talib, ktn
Second : Daniel Lee (5 pts) - SMK Jerantut, Jerantut
Third : Rudianto Edi (4.5 pts) - SMK Paya Besar, ktn
Fourth : Yen Meng Jun (4.5 pts) - SMK Tanah Putih, Kuantan Fifth : Chan Shi Jing (4.5 pts) - SMK Tanah Putih, Kuantan

U-16 Girls
Champ : Nor Aimi Shahida (4 mata) - MRSM, Kuantan
Second : Ras Atika Nadia (4 mata) - SMK Bukit Rangin, Ktn
Third : Syuhada Sulaiman (3 mata) - SMK Paya Besar, ktn
Fourth : Varsya Sandhya (3 mata) - SM Sultan Abu Bakar, Ktn Fifth : Nurul Adilah Zakaria (3 mata) - Kuantan

All winners received medal + certs.

Organisers would like to express gratitude to all sponsors, which made this tournament a dream come true to all players.

Mr Danny Teoh – Master Class Management
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dr Mohd Nor
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dr Aziz
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dr Abdullah
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dr Nasir
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dr Suriati
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dato’ Ooi
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dr Suhaimi
Consultants Kuantan Medical Centre - Dr Mokhtar
En. Mohd Omeershffudin – Bapa pemain
En Mohd Fakri – Bapa pemain
Mr Michael Lim – RSM profit Improvements
Pn Haslindah – Wakil WSFFM (women sports foundation m’sia)
Great Union Engineering
Special thanks to all volunteers that doing their best to handle this first tournament.

Chess Club SMK Cenderawasih & School Administration SMK Cenderawasih
Cikgu Fakri and family
Puan Aida and family
Khuzaimah and family
Cikgu Tee – chess teacher SMK cenderawasih
Muhammad Ikhwanhiqal
Muhammad Luqmanhakim
Wahidduddin’s family
En. Mohd arshad - Persatuan catur negeri terengganu
Volunteers from SMK cenderawasih and volunteer teacher that present
Cikgu Paridah and family
Pn Sathia and family - BASF Petronas
Cikgu Norinah – Pengerusi Teknik catur Kuantan

Thank you to all players, parents, and teachers, for the support given during the tournament. Also, congratulations to all the winners. Till we meet again in Kuantan Master 2008